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February 19, 2022
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February 19, 2022


Diaper Girl Fun: My name is Stacey, and I am an ABL girl. I just love wearing diapers and being a good little girl. I have so much fun being a diaper girl for both mommy and daddy. Mommy loves to dress me up and show me off to all her and Daddy’s friends. And Daddy has a special spot for his little girl.

As most girls in diapers do, I use mine for all my potty messes. I wear my diaper like a good girl, and I don’t take it off without permission. I just love when my diaper gets heavy and soggy between my thighs. The warm, wet diaper makes me even wetter.

When Daddy sees me wiggling and rocking in my diaper, he picks me up and sets me in his lap. He decides it’s time to give me the sex talk. He tells me that the reason my wet diaper feels so good when I rock in it is because it’s squishing and rubbing against my little pussy. Making me get more and more excited, and more and more wet.

As Daddy explains this all to me, he starts bouncing me on his knee. It gets harder and harder to concentrate on what Daddy is telling me. Soon I start moaning, and a gasp slips from between my lips as I explode in my diaper on Daddy’s lap. I shudder and lean back against Daddy as he holds me tight.

Soon, Daddy’s hands start sliding over my trembling body. He takes my hand and presses it against the front of his lap, right over his hard cock. Daddy tells me to take his dick out and hold it in my fist as he slides my diaper to the side and lifts me up, holding me inches from his dripping cockscomb.

As I hold Daddy’s dick steady, he slowly lowers me down on top of him. I feel his cock stretch my pussy as he pulls me all the way down on his dick. I bite my lip as he pushes deep inside me. It feels so good when I sit on Daddy’s lap. I start grinding down, wiggling my hips as I start to slide up and down. I bounce harder on Daddy, hearing him groan.

I just love when I make Daddy feel good. I start moving faster, up and down, up and down. My nipples are hard, my pussycat is soaked, and my dad is fucking me. There’s nothing better than being daddy’s good little girl. Especially when daddy cums deep in my tight pussy.

Then, after Daddy is done and his cock slides out of my dripping pussy, Daddy pulls my diaper back over so I can drip his cum and my pussy juices into it. Then I can feel our sticky mess rubbing against me every time I move. Being a diaper girl is so much fun.

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ABDL Stacey


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