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Let’s have a shitload of fun with scat play
April 12, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Scat Baby Needs Encouragement!
April 17, 2021




Mommy was busy in the kitchen making a special treat for her little precious pampered princess.  Mommy started to get a little suspicious of the quiet (too quiet) coming from the nursery.  A quiet baby is usually up to no good lol.  Mommy tip toed down the hallway to take a peek and see what had gotten you so preoccupied.

As mommy started to lean in to check on you, a low buzz started and mommy had an idea what her little one was up to.  Mommy opened your door and stepped in, to stop shortly at the sight before her.  Mommy expected the vibrator, but the open poopy diaper was a bit of an unexpected shock.  Mommy has always enjoyed scat phone sex, and now it was time for some poopy play for real.

Mommy continued to watch you play, unbeknownst to you that mommy had entered the room.  Soon your little whimpers and gasps of pleasure could be heard more clearly.  The buzzing got louder as you increased the speed.  Your head thrown back, your eyes closed and your mouth slightly open.

Roleplay phone sex makes anything and everything possible.  Mommy enjoys all play and definitely loves to play.  And mommy loves to watch her little ones play also.  As mommy watches you play in that dirty stinky diaper, mommy can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  With each moan that escapes your trembling lips, mommy gushes more and more.

Mommy slowly makes her way further into the room.  Even as mommy sits on the edge of the bed, you still haven’t noticed you’re no longer alone.  Mommy softly clears her throat, just as plunge the toy inside your poopy diaper and squirt all over.  As you lay there panting, you look up at mommy and smile dreamily.

As you look at mommy, you lick your lips and mommy spreads her legs, showing you her glistening swollen pussy.  Mommy hears your squishy diaper as you scoot closer to the bed.  Then mommy feels your hot breath as you push your face between mommy’s open thighs.  Mmmmm good girl.

Careful now baby girl, you’re going to make mommy make a mess also.  Mommy leans back and arches her back, feeling your tongue push deeper into mommy’s very wet pussy.  Oohhh that’s it baby!  We should move this little fun session to the bathroom… the tub will be a lot easier to clean up then the bed.  And between the both of us, this messy party isn’t done.

Once in the bath, mommy starts washing away the stinky mess from your sexy little body, dipping her fingers into those well lubed holes.  As mommy penetrates you, she feels your teeth and tongue pulling mommy’s nipple between your lips and into your mouth.  Soon we are both writhing in ecstasy.  Needing to cum over and over.

Come join Mommy Candy in some abdl roleplay.  And let mommy add a twist to all our sexual adventures.  Mommy will make you thrum with excitement.

Mommy Candy


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