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Babies Aren’t As Sneaky As They Think!
November 22, 2020
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November 26, 2020

If there is one thing that this dominant step mommy just can’t stand, it is a disobedient little one who simply refuses to listen and learn my rules and instructions. I do not ever believe that any of the little ones that I meet are a lost cause, but there are plenty of them who choose to play that role, and that is usually when they end up getting brought into my care by their desperate ex care givers. However, there is a whole different basis of care that the other side of my little ones need… This is when forced age regression comes in to play. I get so many desperate care givers on my door step with a little one in tow and they are beside themselves on what to do to get their little one in line. I so often hear about how they are doing everything that they can to get their stubborn little ones to accept their new baby life style, but they fight them every step of the way! This is the point where I can’t help but find myself starting to smile.. These parents care so much about their little ones, that is obvious. But so many of them seem to have forgotten one of the most crucial and useful tools when forcing a transition on someone. That is forced age regression! Whatever method you choose, this is an amazing way to get those feisty little ones in the right head space to really learn and listen to the rules that you put in to place for them. Hypnosis is most often my go to method of getting those stubborn little ones to properly and completely regress into little space. You will know immediately once they get there, don’t worry. Most little ones become a whole different person in more ways than one when they have finally successfully regressed. This is when they are most receptive to your wishes and commands, and it is a great time to either shape them to be more obedient, or to introduce new concepts and punishments or other things of that nature. Once those little ones have regressed, you are free to bring this total domination to complete fruition and begin showing them how much we love our diapers, and love being a proper good little baby for their mommy. You must be patient when you first start this process. It can take a while to really see a difference in the long term behavior of your little ones, but there are few methods as effective and reliable at getting those little ones to really see the light. Age regression is something that after some time, your little ones will be begging you for! They will not remember what life was ever like before they got to regress, and you will see that!

Step mommy Tawny

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