Mommy's Putting diaper On Her Adult Girl
Santa’s Lap
December 15, 2020
Adult Diaper Man Wearing the Pink Sissy Maid Dress
Winning That Sissy Baby Contest!!
December 20, 2020

mistress Dommy Mommy Scarlet wanted to do something different for the holidays.  Usually she plays with her abdl babies one at a time.  But today she decided that she would play with all of them and have some fun.  She called and spoke with each of them individually and told them that they were going to be her little elves for the day.  They had to leave their homes in their diapers under their costumes which would be elf outfits with red and white Santa hats.  They were also instructed if anyone asked why they were dressed that way that they should say that it is for the holidays.

As one elf after the other arrived at Scarlet’s house she would have them hide in different areas and remain there and not make a peep.  After all 8 elves were at her house – totally unaware that the others were also present, but hiding – it was time for the big reveal.

Scarlet, who was wearing a festive and sexy red and white Santa outfit with her matching red had and her leather whip – started calling out the names of her elves one at a time.  When they were all summoned she would let them know that today’s surprise would be a body worship session.  Each of her elves were given a different task.

Elf number one was assigned to give her a massage on her shoulders, while elf number two was massaging her feet.  Elf number three was the entertainment and he was told to dance for her pleasure.  Elf number four was assigned to cook her a delicious vegan lunch made with the contents of her refrigerator. Elf number five was assigned to wrap her presents for her friends, which were a variety of sex toys. Elf number six was assigned to mop and sweep. Elf number seven had to run her a hot bath.  Elf number eight… though last but not least was assigned to undress her.

When Scarlet was naked, she ordered all of her elves to stop what they were doing and get undressed, take their pampers off and then surround her.  She told them that this was a worship circle.  She had some suck on her toes, while others licked her thighs, then two sucked on each of her tits and one ate her bald, juicy, tight and wet pussy.  The elves were so happy to be able to bring their abdl mommy so much pleasure.

Scarlet came repeatedly as she was sucked and licked from every section of her body.  She looked at the dicks of her naked elves and saw that they all had rock hard cocks. They begged for Scarlet to please have them fuck her cunt but she refused.  She reminded them that they were there for her needs and that it was not the other way around. She told them that she brought 8  of them there for another reason in addition to making her cum in sheer ecstasy and that she wanted to have each of them pick a partner.

They looked among themselves and each elf picked a partner and Scarlet told them to suck each other’s dicks and make sure to swallow each other’s cum.  While they were doing that she told them to continue to pleasure each other and penetrate each other and when they did, Scarlet got up and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of red wine.  She looked at the elf orgy that she created among her abdl babies and smiled with pleasure.  Then he walked to the bathroom and got into her hot bath to wash off al of her own cum, while her 8 elves continued to fuck each other.



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