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December 6, 2021
Sleeping With Baby Diaper
Brenda’s ABDL Got Caught Watching ABDL Porn
December 10, 2021

diaper loverI pooped myself Step-Mommy Tawny and it smells so bad. I can hear cars honking ad neighbors chatting amongst themselves outside of the door that there is such a stinky smelly stench coming from where my room is located.  This is so embarrassing, this is just like the time that the doctor said that I have leaky butt syndrome and they had to call in the Fire Department to escort me home as every single time that I would walk and take a step that is when it was a long stream of poop flowing out of me.  It was so embarrassing and people would stop to look and stare at me and how my leaky butt looked.  I was so horrified that I wished that I could run away to the farthest part of the earth, dig a hole for a cave and just live in there for the rest of my life.

The pointing of the fingers and the diaper humiliation was so bad that I even tried not to be a little and just to be a regular guy but that was even worse, by at least 100 times. I actually dressed up like a regular guy and put on my underpants and I forgot that I did not have on a diaper, as I was so used to wetting myself when I had to the bathroom in my diapers and they felt like second skin to me.  That is when it dawned on me why this couple was in utter shock when they saw what was a grown man pee himself.

I forgot to put on a pamper and that is why I got so comfortable in my crotch are that I decided to test the waters and I just let a nice stream out and it is so satisfying to feel that hot liquid running down your legs. It is such a great feeling when you experience things like that because it creates memories and experience. And who would not like an experience with me cause I am stinky baby. I will need to ask my step-mommy Tawny to let me know if I can go and play with people because some are no willing to apply themselves with that.

And the last time, I checked and I still can’t be still full of poop but I guess I am as not as a freak as others think is what you need to know.  I have been under Step Mommy Tawny for a whole long time and lots of times it is commonplace for me to fill my pamper at least 8 times with poop, piss and cummies. I have no issue with a little diaper rash as well as babies don’t get to change every single second.

Call Step Mommy Tawny and she will have a whole lot of roleplay fun with you that you will really enjoy.



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