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February 5, 2019
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Who Is Your Abdl Mommy?
February 6, 2019

Jenna has so much fun being the neighborhood  ABDL Stacey for naughty husbands, Jenna smirked a little as she regarded her charge, sitting in the corner at his school desk, writing punishment lines. He had on his sissy schoolgirl dress, and was wearing his thickest diapers. His eyes still had tears left from the spanking she gave him earlier. His hair was in pigtails with long ribbons, and frilly anklet socks and saddle shoes encased his feet (stomping one of those cute little shoes is what got him spanked in the first place).  His punishment lines read: “Sissy Girls who wet their panties like me deserve to be put back in diapers.”  And that was certainly what had happened. As it usually did when she babysat, she mused, and wondered why his Mommy didn’t just put him back in diapers permanently. Perhaps she should mention it to her.  Oh, that would make him so mad! It might even bring on a replay of his little foot stomping he tried a little while ago. Which of course would bring about a little replay of her spanking his bare bottom, with his  Abdl Mommy following up with a reprise!

ABDL Stacey


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