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Mmmm with fetish play the fun never ends.  Whether someone likes roleplay or gets to enjoy their play in real life, the fun and excitement has no limits or boundaries.  Nothing is taboo at phoneamommy.

There are so many turn-ons out there and Mommy Candy loves to hear about each and every one.  Mommy will play with you and we both can cum over and over.  And mommy is a squirter, so we will definitely get wet and sticky.

With ABDL play, mommy just loves diapering little bottoms.  And a full diaper is the best.  Adult babies and diaper lovers are always fun to play with.  A squishy soggy diaper makes for lots of fun for mommy.  Mommy just loves to poke and squeeze a diapered baby.  And to watch you squirm as mommy rubs you through your messy diaper, makes mommy wet also.

Pee, poop and sticky cummies make for the perfect diaper to be changed.  And after baby has sat and rocked in it, mommy will strip you down and put you in a nice warm bubble bath.  Washing you all over, getting you nice and clean.  Then mommy can put a fresh diaper on you and you can start all over again.

When mommy’s busy you can have some ddlg play with daddy and be a good little girl.  Mommy loves watching how good you take care of daddy.  Seeing you get on your knees and look up at daddy with those big eyes, as your little fingers undo the button and zipper of daddy’s pants.

Just as your mouth opens in awe, daddy’s big cock flops out and smacks you in the forehead.  Hehe.  That throbbing dick dripping as you wrap your hands around it.  Making it twitch and ooze.  Mommy watches you open your mouth wide and tentatively slide your tongue out to taste his wet slit.

Daddy’s hands move to the back of your head and he shoves his hard cock deep down your throat, making you gag and your eyes water.  As you suck and lick on daddy, mommy slides her hand under you and into your diaper.  Mmmm someone is soaked.  Looks like that diaper is going to get sticky very soon.

Mommy continues to play with you as daddy’s balls bounce off your chin.  Mommy hears you whimper as you wiggle against mommy’s fingers.  That’s it baby show mommy and daddy what a good little girl you are.  Explode for us like a good baby… squirt, squirt!!

At phoneamommy there is unlimited fun for all fetish lovers.  Regardless of what you like or would like to try, the mommies here are all very open minded and sexual.  And Mommy Candy just loves making her little ones feel so very good.  Call mommy and we will both be satiated and sticky afterwards.

Mommy will pull you into her body and wrap you in her arms and coo you to sweet slumber as we bask in the after glow of our play time.

Mommy Candy


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