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Breastfeeding AB/DL’s
December 31, 2015
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Cuddle with Nanny Ella
January 5, 2016

I love that look in your eyes. Yes that look. The look of sheer desire and lust in your eyes. I know you secretly want me but be careful! Don’t let Daddy see that look. But when we’re alone you can look at me just like that. Nobody will love you like Mommy does. I give you spankings when you bad because bad boys get spankings. I know you love it though. But do you know what good boys get? They get to make your abdl-mommy cum.

You’ve been so bad lately. I told you to get the dishes washed before I came home guess what I came home to find! Dirty dishes in the sink you naughty boy. I went to your parent teacher conference with Miss Williams this week and to my dismay, she tells me that you haven’t been listening in class. And the dog was not taken out like I told you to! All of these naughty things cannot go unpunished. For these deeds, you were spanked until my hand was tired.

Today I came home to find a clean house, and an A+ paper tacked to the refrigerator. I told you before that good boys get to make dommy-mommy cum…




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