ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper
Amanda’s Little Diaper Lover Loves Sucking Her Tits
May 29, 2022
Call Mommy Candy for a Good Time
June 4, 2022

Men With Adult Baby Diaper.

Mark Is Mommy Amanda’s Pissy Diaper Wearing ABDL: It was super late at night, and it was time for me to email Mark so he could call me for mommy phone sex when he was finished with his meeting. He was so stressed as he worked from home since the pandemic was announced, and he needed to talk to me to relieve all of the tension that everything caused.

He and I really enjoy getting into the kinky side of abdl by also mixing it with bdsm kink, so the fun that we have is a mixture of both messy diaper sex and spanking phone sex. I told him to put on the diapers that I told him to buy when he is working so that he could get used to the feeling of them.

I also told him to drink a lot of liquids so that he could get his diaper really messy. The feeling of having him sit in his own piss and there being nothing that he could do about it really turns me on. It is also psychological as well, because he can’t expect to be nice and dry like an adult would feel if he is supposed to be a pissy diaper loving baby, so the feeling of having a pissy wet diaper on and there being nothing that he could do about it really matters.

So he called me and told me that he was wet, and he begged me to change his diaper, and I told him that he had to wait. He complained that the piss was running down his leg, and I told him to allow it to happen. Then I had him place his hand inside of his diaper and play with his pee pee, and he stroked it so softly. He said it was sore because it had been saturated in piss all day, and I told him to get some lotion and add it to his pissy penis, which he did.

He reveled in the feeling of the piss mixed in with the lotion, and it made his cock feel so good. He was full of a lot of foreskin, so he pulled it back and forth as his fingers went up and down and around his shaft. I had him take his other hand and place his middle finger in his anus, and he was instructed to finger-fuck his asshole while he jerked his cock, and he was in a whole world of pleasure.

He was feeling so good that he did not want the great feeling to stop. He pumped his cock and humped his hips, and when it was time to cum, I told him to shoot it all out and to lose control, which he did, as cum raced out of his cock like a volcanic eruption and shot up from his slightly opened diaper.

I know that you love to hear about me and Mark, but I believe that we can have an even better time, so give me a call right now and let us have a fucking amazing time. I am only a phone call away, so call me right away. Click Here




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  2. […] I am the type of nanny that will make you swelter with absolute delight while I fulfill your every need. If you have never screeched before, you will know when we indulge in forbidden fantasies. It is exhilarating to do bad things when your parents could wander in on us at any time. Though I want what we do to remain a secret, the dread of someone intercepting us is so overwhelming that it makes my tight pants leak in droves. There is no more satisfying feeling than doing a lewd sexual activity that we both know is wrong and prohibited, but the best part about it is that we don’t give a fuck and we do it anyway. My huge tits are not just here for decoration; they are here so I could slip them out of my bra and shove them undeviatingly into your voracious mouth. You will feel as if you were transported to heaven when the tip of your tongue runs loops around my great nipples. As you caress my areolas with your lips and tongue, I will make you continue to suck on them until your mouth becomes sore. My fascinating voice and sensuous words will expedite you into pleasure and cause your dormant dick to wake up and start to exude juices, preparing you for an unforgettable time. Not only will I squeeze every teeny drop of cough out of you, but I will also ensure that you are all cleaned up before your parents come home. Your parents won’t assume anything about all the naughty and forbidden things you have done with me while they were working hard all day. Every moment you think about me will contain erotic desire and extraordinary recollections that will forever change you. You will have no choice but to reach out to me at all hours of the night so we can roleplay. I covet extremely naughty experiences with you, and I will ensure that when it is time for you to go to sleep, I will shove my hand in your diaper and give you the best diaper job that you ever had. I want you to release your warm and sticky cough. I want to see that expression of peace and pleasure on your face after I jerk you off. I want you to have engaging and sexy dreams all through the night. So when you awake, your diaper will be filled with boatloads of cum from your cock, leaking its juice all night as you sleep. My name is Nanny London, and I am the most sensuous babysitter around. With my beautiful body, exotic features, authoritative demeanor, and intimidating stare, I have the power to make you timid and quiver inside your diaper. My dirty attitude will make you want me with a blazing intensity while you visualize all the naughty and forbidden things I will do to you while you are under my care. Remember, when your parents are away, I will make sure that it is time for me and you to play—my way. Click Here […]