Mommy's Licking Pussy
London’s ABDL Jenny Takes It In The Ass With Pleasure
October 18, 2021
Mommy"s Shows a Hot Self Masturbating Pic
ABDL Stacey Just Loves To Play
October 23, 2021

I don’t have a problem telling you what I want, so in plain English I will tell you that I want to be thoroughly fucked.  Please climb into my bed my loving darling and carefully peel off my pretty padded diaper that I love to wear and take your sweet and hungry mouth and place your lips on my perfect pussy lips.  Lick them as if they were a strawberry flavored ice-cream on a hot Summer’s day and cool off the heat of my perky pussy with your stiff and rough tongue.  Devour my sweet sex with your hungry mouth as you suck my sweet pussy juices and try to drain my cunt dry.  The more you suck the more I will ask you to fuck as I want you to enter me for all eternity. I am yours and you are mine, so enjoy me like a glass of fine wine.  Stick your dick inside of my wet and creamy pussy and fuck me like we are mating animals in heat. Kiss me all over and watch my body respond.  Taste all of me from my pretty blonde head to my pretty painted toes then hold me ever so gently and never let me go. Feed on my beautiful breasts and tease my tantalizing tits as you nibble them gently with your teeth.  You can nibble on my sweet mammary orbs and lay your sweet head on them to sleep.  I love you my sweetheart and I want to make you so glad, as you are with Mommy Amanda and I am the best Mommy that you ever had.



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