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July 11, 2018
Adult Man Showing the big Pacifier
Being A Big Boy
July 15, 2018

Mommy tells baby to be bathed and have her teeth brushed. Baby’s pulse quickens, it looks like she is going to be ABDL Stacey this evening whether baby likes it or not, as your contract with Mommy allows her to decide.

When Mommy gets home, bad little girl was sitting in just a towel. Baby knows she should have put her diaper on, baby is to be in diaper at all times now unless told otherwise, however baby really wanted to get diapered by Mommy. She comes in the nursery and kisses baby on the forehead and draws back with a gentle tsk tsk tsk.

“Why are you not in your diapers little girl, you know baby girl needs her diapers on.”

I reply, “Mommy baby wanted you to put it on me tonight.”

She smiles but with a bit of smirk to it, “That is sweet baby girl, but I am going to have to remind baby that your place is always in diapers unless mommy says otherwise.”

Mommy leads baby over to the changing table and helps baby up on the cold pink vinyl mat. Baby lays back and mommy grabs the spreader bar, the ankle cuffs already on it. Mommy sticks baby’s pacifier in her mouth and then spends a few moments buckling baby’s ankles to the bar. As mommy pulls the rope through the eye hook on the ceiling and ties it off to the table, baby’s feet are now in the air. Even with hands unbound, little girl cannot reach the bar or the tie off, baby is helpless to stop mommy doing whatever she wishes with her backside. Baby hears mommy grabbing things from under the table from the drawers. Baby cannot quite tell which drawers mommy is going into, but it is more than just the wipes and powder.

Baby hears the crinkle of her ABDL Stacey as mommy sets a folded diaper in front of her little girl’s bottom and sets the powder and wipes to the side. Mommy has something in her hand but baby cannot see what it is because of baby’s own legs blocking the view. Mommy lays baby’s head back down as mommy starts to use the wipes to albeit unnecessarily clean baby’s diaper region. She coos and says things like “doesn’t this feel nice” while wiping down the whole region. Baby’s helpless position and assumptions of what comes next has baby girl clitty standing at full flagstaff. Mommy wipes it down but otherwise ignores it only a quick stingy thump to the tip as she giggles at baby’s very apparent enjoyment.

With that fun but unnecessary cleanup done, she busies herself unfolding and laying out the new diaper. With little girls feet already so far up in the air that baby’s back is slightly off the table she slides it under baby, then grabs two stuffers from under the changing table and adds those to the diaper. Baby feels a cold splash on her backdoor as mommy adds, lube. Baby guesses that the object she couldn’t see that was sat down out of site must be one of little girls plugs. Baby really hopes it is not a big one. Baby feels the cold metal on her butt, and as mommy presses…yep it’s the largest one baby can currently fit. It is going to be an interesting night.

“Since mommy had to put your diaper on baby girl, I want to enjoy knowing baby will be feeling it all night long” she says and giggles a bit.

She powders baby’s front and pours a bit of power in the back of the diaper. Mommy quickly tapes baby’s diaper up with the plug now firmly seated in her behind. The two stuffers and baby’s already comically poofy pink diapers making it so baby feels like she is wearing a pillow between her legs. She unties the rope and lowers the bar enough that baby’s feet are resting comfortably on the changing table but reties it so any attempt to leave the table would certainly end poorly for baby. Going to baby’s closet Mommy comes back with ABDL Stacey, this one zips up the back and locks on, and has a small zipper that also locks to cover the diaper. She pulls it over baby’s head, guides little girls arms through the sleeves and zips the up the back, slipping a small luggage lock she must have grabbed when baby wasn’t looking through the zipper pull tab and the two rings at the top. With baby still cuffed to the spreader bar, she grabs each hand in turn and slips baby’s pink leather bondage mittens on forcing each hand into a fist, and quickly locks those as well.

“Mommy was nice and didn’t put you in chastity tonight, but I think you won’t have much luck through all that padding and these mittens.”

She unbuckles baby’s ankles from the spreader bar and unties it from the changing table, setting it to the side. Mommy holds both baby’s bound hands and helps baby up from the changing table. Once baby is standing mommy pats her bottom a few times and then grabs both sides of baby’s onesies’ flaps and zips it shut with a quick motion and adds the last lock to the zipper and ring that holds it shut. Come visit my blog to see what fun mommy has with baby.



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