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July 10, 2018
Mommy and Baby
July 15, 2018

Do you have a lot of fantasies and dreams of being a ABDL Stacey? I bet you have a dream of waking up as a newborn baby having to relearn everything, be dependant on mommy for everything. You long to be small enough that mommy can pick you up, you have trouble walking. Not being able to even know when your using your diaper.

Do you love to be humiliated byABDL Stacey? How about mommy pushing you in a stroller at a zoo or mall with everyone looking at you? You make a huge stinky and mommy asks people where she can change you or maybe she will just change your diaper in front of everybody with a huge mess and everyone knows what a big baby you are. How about being changed in the back seat of the car, be buckled in the car, be nursed in public, be put in your high chair in public, go to the pool in a swim diaper, or just go out in just a ABDL Stacey.

You dream of being completely potty trained being a baby 24/7 365 for years like a real baby. You would totally do all of this wishing you were an orphan and can’t find a mommy to love, respect, and cherish where you can be her baby all the time and go to daycare when mommy is at work.



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