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Are you feeling lonely and misunderstood?  Do you need a hug?  Crawl up into mommy’s lap and let her take very good care of you.

With incest phone sex you can act out all your deepest darkest desires.  Call mommy and tell her how you feel, how you can only seem to think about mommy.  And that when you think about mommy, it makes you feel funny and excited at the same time.

Mommy will make you feel really good and help you with that excited peepee.  Let mommy hold you and baby you.  Diaper and dress you up.  Mommy has lots diapers just for you.  There’s nothing better than stripping a little one naked and laying them down to slide a soft thick diaper under that bottom.

The sensation of mommy’s hands rubbing that silky powder all over your most intimate spots.  The twitch of your little clitty or peepee under my fingertips.  Watching you wiggle and try to hump against my hand as you start to drip.

There are so many fun fetishes to explore, for those pretty princesses that need mommy to take control and bring out your girly side, feminization phone sex is perfect!  Mommy will have you looking all dolled up and ready to be used by whomever mommy decides.

A pretty little sissy that is begging to be dominated.  A big boy who needs to be diapered and babied.  A sexually charged little freak that needs to be played with.  There are many roleplay ideas out there and Mommy Candy is willing and eager to try them all with you.

Anything and everything your heart desires, anything and everything you would like to talk about or just vent about, Mommy is very open minded and curious about it all.  Mommy just loves the idea of making you lose all control.

Mommy Candy is a phone sex milf that likes it all and is always excited to try something new.  Do you think you can get mommy excited?  Make mommy’s panties wet as her pussy gets more and more aroused?  Make mommy squirm and squirt just like mommy does you?

Or maybe mommy’s baby just needs to curl up in mommy’s lap and nurse until those little eyes close and baby falls asleep?  Anything your little heart desires, mommy will provide.  Mommy is here to take care of all your needs, regardless of what they are.

A warm lap, a breast heavy with milk, a hard nipple to suck, and a soft hand stroking your diaper makes for the perfect escape from reality.  Mommy will take you away from it all and give you cuddles like you need and deserve.

So do not hesitate to give mommy a call whenever: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… anytime baby needs mommy, mommy is here to take care of all your desires.

A mommy is a terrible thing to waste, so be a good little deviant and embrace all that mommy has to offer.

Mommy Candy


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