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It seems way too quiet.  Mommy slowly and quietly moves from room to room looking for you.  A quiet baby is usually up to no good. And mommy was right!

Mommy peeks around the corner and catches you humping your poopy diaper.  Diaper opened and peepee covered in poop and soon cum by the look of your face.  Mommy clears her throat just as you look up, surprised you explode a sticky mess all over your already caca covered cock.

Mommy enjoys scat phone sex just as much as you enjoying playing with your poopy diaper.  That hot squishy mess spreading all around your hard peepee, making your balls tighten and your breath quicken.  Mommy just loves hearing your little grunts and moans as you cum.

Full diapers are the best, whether a soggy piss filled diaper, an over-flowing poopy diaper or a cum soaked one… or best yet all three!  Mommy enjoys all abdl roleplay.  Nothing you can imagine will be too much for Mommy Candy.

Mommy has naughty little boys humping their full diapers, and cute little diaper girls rocking in their saturated pampers squirting over and over.  The nursery is full of the pleasured gasps of diapered little ones playing for mommy.

Come sit on mommy’s lap with that full diaper.  Good baby!  Mommy bounces you and wiggles you back and forth on mommy’s knee, making that squishy diaper even squishier.  Mmmmm feels so good, doesn’t it?

With roleplay phone sex, you can call mommy and act out all your fetishes and desires.  Regardless of what you like or are curious about, mommy likes it all!  Show mommy how naughty and nasty you can get.

The fun thing about diapers is that there is so much to enjoy.  From the soft thick diaper rubbing and touching your most intimate parts, to the spread of warmth from wetting your diaper to the warm squishiness of pooping your pamper, to the ultimate explosion of sticky cummies for mommy.

A full diaper is the best!  The dirtier the better.  Do you want to be mommy’s dirty baby?  Do you want to make mommy happy by filling your diaper for mommy?  Do you want to play in that full diaper while mommy helps and watches?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to be a good baby and call Mommy Candy so we can get started.  The sooner the better!

Mommy is available 24/7 for any and all fetish play.  Mommy will take very good care of you and your needs.  All of your needs!  The fun will be never ending and unlimited.  A dirty diaper full of dirty fun hehe.

There is nothing mommy will not do for her little ones.  Mommies and babies need each other, they need to take care of one another and do anything and everything they can to make everything possible for a very happy ending.

A mommy’s job is never done and Mommy Candy’s life is never dull, that’s for sure!

Mommy Candy


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