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Gregory Gets A Pretty New Babysitter
October 1, 2023
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October 11, 2023

Mommy Candy is going to make her little submissive sissy into a well trained little pet.  You will crawl around all your hands and knees and be at mommy’s beck and call.  Mommy will have a special collar made just for you.  Letting everyone know who you are, what you are and who you belong to.

That way when we go out mommy can attach your leash to your cute little collar.  Mommy will also have special butt plugs made for you, ones with bushy tails attached.  That way mommy can choose which animal pet you will be.  Maybe an adorable puppy or a cuddly kitty cat, or something else completely.

Mommy just loves to see you wag that tail, shaking your cute little butt.  Sit up and beg and show mommy what a good little sissy pet you are.  Mommy will pat your head and give you a belly rub.  Roll over for mommy and let mommy get at that belly.

When we are home, you will be naked with just your collar and tail.  You will follow mommy’s commands and you will be rewarded accordingly.  And if you don’t you will be reprimanded.  The severity of your punishment will depend on how bad you are for mommy.

Be a good little sissy pet and don’t disobey mommy.  Mommy promises you the rewards are definitely worth it.  Mommy will let you lap away at mommy’s pussy and then mommy will let you hump against mommy with your pathetic little peepee.

You will get to make stickies after you make mommy squirt, then you will lick it all up.  You will lick up every drop even off the floor, after all you are an animal.  Clean it up good and mommy will let you sleep at the end of mommy’s bed.  Mommy will groom you and give you baths and make you look so nice.

Mommy’s little precious pet.  Perfect;y trained and obedient.  Eager to please mommy.  Mommy will scratch you under your chin and tell you what a good sissy you are.  Mommy just loves to see how excited you get when mommy plays with you.

Your little whimpers and pants, jumping around for mommy’s attention.  Makes mommy laugh to see how cute you act.  And when mommy settles down on the couch to watch a movie, you always want to crawl up into mommy’s lap and get cuddles.

Mommy just loves to snuggle with you as we relax for the evening.  Reaching down to play with your tail, making you moan and whimper for more attention.  Mommy smiles and pets you, scratching you behind the ear.  You’re just too cute for words.

Being a little sissy pet is just so much especially when mommy takes such good care of her little one.  Wouldn’t you just love to be at mommy’s beck and call and have mommy give you belly rubs?  If so then jump up and give mommy a call today so we can play.  Be a good little sissy!

Mommy Candy


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