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Bath Time
April 28, 2016
A Girl With Curly Hair and a killing look
Happy Mother’s Day!
May 8, 2016

Today is the best day for an abdl phone sex mommy like me! It’s finally Mothers Day and it makes me happy and warms my heart to see all the little cards my adult babies took the time to make for their mommy! Sometimes being a mother you can get so caught up in everything you start to feel under appreciated. Well today that wasn’t the case! Every single one of my abdl callers made a special gift just for me and each of them took the time to bring me aside and tell me exactly how much I mean to them and how they are always grateful to be able to call me their mommy! There’s never a dull moment that goes by when I’m with my abdl family! I can’t wait for the many more years to come and all the new memories and experiences we get to create! Today is truly a day where I can say I love being a mommy and I would never change it for anything else in the world!



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