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Mommy just loves playing with her little ones.  As a phone sex milf, mommy has a very good imagination and a very high sex drive.  Mommy enjoys all fetishes and every thing sexual.  Nothing is off limits for Mommy Candy.

There are so many topics out there in fetish land and nothing is taboo.  Mommy would love to play out your fantasies and desires.  With a little incest phone sex, Mommy Candy will will make her naughty baby cum over and over.  Begging mommy for more and more.

Mommy Candy enjoys all roleplay and will make you weak in the knees to please mommy.  Mommy knows her little ones need constant attention and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take very good care of all baby’s needs.  You have nothing to worry about with mommy, all your secrets are safe with me.

Mommy can be as gentle or as rough as you want.  Mommy can hold you and rock you, bathe and diaper you, baby you and nurse you… or if baby is need of a stronger hand, mommy has quite an arsenal at her disposal.  And mommy is very curious and always eager for new and exciting fun.

And for those sweet little “girls” feminization phone sex is perfect.  Bring that sissy side out and show off how cute you are.  Let mommy make you her pretty little princess.  You will be the envy of all the babies.  A real life fairytale.

There are so many fetishes and kinks and Candy wants to experience them all.  The best part is of course the ending.  Sticky cummies from everyone.  A “cumming” out party if you will… hehe.  The cleaning up process afterwards can be just as intense as the mess making.

Mommy will keep you in a constant state of arousal.  You will be begging to cum for mommy.  You will long to be mommy’s good little one and have mommy reward you.  Mommy Candy will have you wiggling and moaning in ecstasy.  You will belong to mommy!

Phone sex with Mommy Candy will be so satisfying, that you will not be disappointed.  You will be addicted to Candy in no time, needing mommy’s sweetness to sustain you.  And luckily for you a candy fix is available anytime night or day, mommy is just a phone call away.

Fetish phone sex makes fun available at your fingertips anytime your ready.  And mommy is always ready and willing.  Let mommy run her fingertips over your trembling body and take a you into candyland.  An escape from reality, an adventurous trip with mommy and a very intense orgasm will have you coming back for more.

Mommy Candy will take very good care of you in every way possible.  No matter the type of call, mommy will make it the best.  Remember everyone likes candy, and I promise not to rot your teeth …hehe.  So if you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, give Mommy Candy a call and let her take care of you.



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