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April 8, 2021
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My nephew Alan was always more beautiful than handsome. His beautiful long red hair and perfectly proportioned face and tiny waist has always been the envy of most women.  All of his life it has been that way.  I remember when my sister first brought him home from the hospital and she was surrounded by family they all asked if she was sure that it was a boy and not a girl.  She laughed at the statement and she took it as a compliment, she was not offended because it meant that at the early and tender age of a baby, he possessed the smooth and pretty qualities that you would expect from a girl.

As he got older, this did not change – it is as if he had discovered the secret to the fountain of beauty and of youth.  He wore his hair long and his skin was smooth as porcelain and silky smooth. If you were to ask him what his secret was, all he would mutter to you was that is was due to good, clean living.

Which brings me to the day that he called phoneamommy and asked to speak to me. I was surprised in a very pleasant way because it was always a dream of mine to have incest phone sex with him because he has the beauty that makes you want to fantasize about him in your head.  And fantasize about him is what I have done a lot of and it was such a pleasure to have him see me as not only his sexy aunt, but also as a phone sex milf.

I took my time with him as I led him through guided masturbation and he followed everything that I told him to do.  The way he got aroused just made me so wet in my panty and it imagined his pretty face down there eating me up as if I was his last meal.  His tongue did a seductive dance around my clit and his sweet and soft lips kissed the outer and inner lips of my sweet vagina.  He knew how to please me and I was so glad.

He shared with me that he felt that he wanted for me to feminize him as he sees what he looks like in the mirror and he wanted us to try feminization phone sex.  I jumped at the opportunity and made him into my little sissy niece!  I dressed her up in pink panties with ruffles along with a matching bra.  Then I adorned my little sissy in a beautiful pink dress that draped across her beautiful body and then I made her put makeup on her face.

After that I kissed her soft and sweet lips so passionately and we held each other close into the night.  She shared all of her deepest and darkest secrets with me and I shared some of mine with her. It made us so much closer than we were before. Though we were on the phone,  we felt as though we were really next to each other because the love that we have for each other – just evolved into something so much more special than we can ever have imagined.



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