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Jeremy was tired of being in abdl diapers, they made him feel silly, and little. He was supposed to be a big boy! Big boys don’t wear diapers, everybody knows that. He really felt like his accidents were getting better… it might not be one hundred percent, but that was because he still felt like such a baby in diapers. Training pants would make him feel bigger, so he wouldn’t have any more accidents. He was sure that was how it would work out! He might have bugged his Aunt Brenda too much about getting him out of the diapers and into some training pants, though. He was thinking that she would let him wear them on a home day, neither one of them stepping out the front door except to get the mail. Because, well, he was absolutely sure that he wouldn’t have any problems, he was, but….  He would feel a little bit better being at home, just in case.

Aunt Brenda didn’t agree with that, though, no matter how much he told her he didn’t want to go anywhere. He was trying to be sneaky about it, he didn’t want her to think that he was worried or anything, because he wasn’t! He was just being careful, that’s all. She didn’t listen to him, and he soon found himself bundled into the car with a pair of training pants under his pants instead a diaper. He was nervous about this right from the start, but when he say that they were headed to the mall, his palms started to get sweaty. She always took so long in the mall! He wasn’t going to have an accident, he wasn’t! But what if he did, in front of everyone? Sooner than he wanted they were walking around inside and so much of his attention was focused on noticing if he had to use the bathroom (or feeling the inside of his thighs getting wet and warm) that she had to repeat what she saying multiple times.

They were staring at the display at some random store when Jeremy was horrified to feel exactly what he was scared of, his training pants getting wet and soaked with his pee. He didn’t feel any pressure from his bladder, this shouldn’t have happened! Aunt Brenda must have seen an odd expression on his face in the reflection, and when she turned around his wet pants were immediately obvious. He expected her to be angry, but she just laughed, which was even worse. She teased him while she reached into her purse and pulled out a diaper, in front of everyone passing by! “I figured that that you would need this at some point. Silly you, thinking that you were ready to be a big boy.” She dragged him to the public restroom to put a changing pad on the floor of the handicap stall and laid him down to change his wet diaper. He listened while some little girl asked her mommy why that man had wet himself, and the mommy hushed her, saying she would explain later. The humiliation was too much! But this is what he deserves, don’t you think?

Aunt Brenda


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