Robby Gets A Halloween Treat! (part 1)
June 19, 2023
Let Candy Give You A Good Time
June 19, 2023

(part 1)Gradually, his inhibitions waned, and he surrendered to his secret longings. With Brenda’s encouragement, Robby reluctantly found himself lying on her bed. She slowly undressed him, her hands gently caressing his thighs.

Unbuckling his pants and sliding down his underwear revealed his semi-erect dick. She ran her hands around the base of his dick and smiled before reaching his chest and taking off his t-shirt.

Robby was getting harder and harder with each passing minute. Brenda quickly grabbed a giant diaper and slowly put it on him. She grabbed his dick and gently tucked it inside his diaper. “Robby, my dear, this can wait; you can make all the dummies you want inside your diaper. I don’t want my bed to be spoiled by your naughty acts!”

 He lay there, his body adorned with the unexpected embrace of a diaper. The combination of the incense, Brenda’s irresistible charm, and his burgeoning desires left him feeling both vulnerable and strangely fulfilled. After making Robby ready for the night, Brenda climbed onto the bed, settling beside Robby. She undressed, removed her costume and lingerie, and knelt beside him. She drew him into her embrace with a gentle pull, allowing their bodies to meld together in a comforting embrace.

She gently guided him towards her right breast, ensuring the nipple touched Robby’s lips. Like a hungry child, he quickly grabbed the nipple with his mouth and started suckling on it.

“Suck on me like a good baby; Mommy will reward you for your efforts!”

She pulled his head closer to her chest, pushing him more into her body. She slid her thigh between his legs, pressing it against his crotch through the diaper, creating an intimate contact that elicited a sensual response. The sensation of their bodies intimately intertwined caused an electric current to surge through him, igniting a passionate connection that left him yearning for more. His dick grew inside the diaper, and she could feel his strength on her thighs.

“Good boy,” she chuckled, rubbing her thighs over his crotch. Her breaths got shallower and more frequent as he kept nibbling on her nipple, sucking as a tiny baby would. Meanwhile, she kept rubbing her thighs over his crotch, and soon enough, all the stimuli came crashing down upon him in the form of the best orgasm he had ever experienced in twenty years of his life. He moaned as ropes of cum drenched his diapers.

At first, a wave of profound embarrassment washed over him just as soon as he came, coloring his cheeks crimson. But her comforting voice swiftly enveloped him, banishing his unease. “There’s no need to worry,” she whispered tenderly, “Mommies are meant to make their babies feel so good.” His self-consciousness stemmed from having cummed in his diapers, yet her words gently dissolved his shame. With her unconditional acceptance, he gradually embraced the moment, realizing that vulnerability could be met with warmth and understanding.

“Thank you, Brenda!” He said, falling into her loving arms.

Aunt Brenda


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