Shhh… Don’t Tell Daddy
June 18, 2023
Robby Gets A Halloween Treat! (part 2)
June 19, 2023

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Robby had returned to his hometown for a short break from college, excited to celebrate Halloween and reconnect with old friends. Dressed as a lumberjack, complete with a plaid shirt, jeans, and a fake beard, he felt confident and ready for a night of festivities. Little did he know that this Halloween would take an unexpected turn when he encountered his attractive neighbor, Brenda.

Brenda, a striking woman with an air of mystery, lived in a house just a few doors down from Robby’s childhood home. As he made his way through the neighborhood, he couldn’t help but notice her alluring presence. A mischievous idea sparked in his mind, and he decided to visit her, disguising his intentions as a simple trick-or-treater.

Approaching Brenda’s house, Robby’s heart raced with anticipation. He hoped to charm his way into her home and perhaps even her bed now that he considered himself a grown man. Unbeknownst to Robby, Brenda had a unique ability as a witch, along with boundaries set up around her property. These magical barriers allowed her to sense when someone harbored secret desires aligned with her own interests.

Stepping onto Brenda’s driveway, Robby was utterly oblivious to the enchantments surrounding him. Meanwhile, Brenda’s supernatural instincts immediately alerted her to the presence of someone whose desires aligned with her own hidden interests. Intrigued, she opened the door, revealing her captivating appearance in a seductive costume.

Brenda’s beauty took Robby aback, but he quickly regained his composure and reciprocated her flirtatious gestures.

“Robby, my, look at you all dressed up like a lumberjack. Are you here to chop down some hearts tonight?” Brenda teased, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Robby chuckled, his voice laced with confidence. “Well, Brenda, I might have my eyes set on chopping down one heart in particular. Care to be my next victim?

Brenda’s laughter tinkled like magic as she leaned in closer, her voice laced with a hint of seduction. “Oh, you’ll have to work harder than that, Robby. I’m not easily swayed.”

Engaging in playful banter, they exchanged compliments and reminisced about their past encounters. It was clear that time had been kind to both of them, adding a hint of nostalgia to their interaction. Unable to resist the allure any longer, Brenda invited Robby inside her home. They settled on the couch, engaging in flirtatious conversation as Brenda excused herself to get a drink. However, little did Robby know that Brenda had other plans for him.

Returning with a bottle in one hand and a giant diaper in the other, Brenda’s true intentions were unveiled. Robby’s eyes widened with shock and embarrassment as he quickly stood up, vehemently denying any desire to wear such an item. But it was too late. Brenda already knew about his kink to wear a diaper. The incense burning in the living room corner filled the air with a soothing aroma, clouding Robby’s thoughts and intensifying his desires.

Despite his initial resistance, Brenda was a skilled persuader. She used her enchanting powers of persuasion and the relaxing ambiance to coax Robby into reconsidering his initial rejection. What will he do? Click right here to find out and call for some kinky fun!

Aunt Brenda


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