Brenda Turns Her Boyfriend Into Her Baby!
July 17, 2023
That Pretty Little Pussy
July 23, 2023

Over the past few weeks, Brenda noticed how her adult baby Timmy started challenging her authority. Everything became a tantrum for Timmy, and Brenda tried putting him on time-out and positive reinforcement, but nothing seemed to help.
Timmy loved walking naked around the house, but he wasn’t allowed to. One day, feeling frustrated, he went against Brenda’s orders and pulled on the crotch of his onesie, opening the snaps from between his legs, and removed his nappy while Brenda cleaned the kitchen.
Timmy giggled to himself and enjoyed the fresh air running through his legs. He felt proud of himself and decided to look at his reflection in the mirror with a huge grin. Timmy walked to the full-body mirror in the middle of the corridor and admired his look without a nappy, feeling like a big boy.
Timmy felt a shiver run up his spine, and he wet himself before
he could prevent it. Panic filled his brain, the muscles on his bladder relaxed, and a warm stream of pee leaked from his penis. Timmy began hyperventilating, seeing the puddle under him, with drops of pee dripping down his penis. His eyes went up, and he stared at his reflection again. Timmy, seconds later, decided to clean the mess he made before Brenda caught him, so he walked to the bathroom and grabbed a roll of toilet paper, and went back, using it to clean the puddle, but the amount of paper he had didn’t suffice for even half of it. Then he tried to get his towel from his nursery across the bathroom.
When Timmy couldn’t find it, he grabbed a piece of clothing nearby and brought it. Waddling back to the mess, Timmy slipped on the footprints he left from the pee on his soles and fell arms
first. He bit his lip so he wouldn’t cry out and slowly got up and walked to the puddle again.
Near the pee puddle, as he crouched down to clean it, he slipped again, and this time he fell butt first and slammed his back on the floor—the pain from it made him burst out crying.
Moments later, Brenda approached the corridor and saw Timmy’s mess, a pool of urine, and a couple of tracks leading to the bathroom and his nursery.
Brenda scolded Timmy, who was still lying on the floor crying, and once he got up, she cleaned him with baby wipes as he sobbed, apologizing. Brenda sternly explained why he couldn’t walk around without a nappy because he would dirty himself and cause trouble for both.
When Timmy was clean and fresh, she handed him a new nappy and told him to wait in the naughty corner of his nursery while she cleaned the rest of the mess. Brenda grabbed a mop and bucket and thoroughly cleaned the floor, throwing the wet toilet paper in the bin and the onesie he tried to use to clean his pee in the laundry basket.
He would be getting a spanking for this, that was for sure! Would you want to get spanked for being this naughty? Call me and tell me just how naughty you’ve been and click here to read the second part!

Aunt Brenda


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