Mommy Fucks Alex
July 23, 2023
Boys Will Be Boys
July 30, 2023
Mommy Fucks Alex
July 23, 2023
Boys Will Be Boys
July 30, 2023


(part 1)Timmy stood naked in the corner of his nursery with a nappy hiding his penis, his eyes still red from crying as his breathing slowly became steadier. He had never seen Brenda like that, and he was scared of what would happen next and couldn’t stop trembling.
Minutes later, Brenda walked in after cleaning his mess and stood before him. She told him off and explained again why he was being told off. Timmy bit his lower lip, trying to control his sobbing, and nodded to everything Brenda said, regretting his actions. Brenda sat
in the nursery chair and patted her lap while looking at Timmy. When the realization hit him, he shook his head, and his sobbing turned into wailing as he begged not to.
Brenda didn’t need to say anything as she stared at Timmy with a no-nonsense look, and he understood there was nothing he could do. He dragged his feet to where Brenda was and slowly laid across her lap,
his nappy covering his penis and preventing it from touching her leg.
“I’ll smack your butt ten times,” said Brenda, “And you have to count with me after each smack, understood?” Timmy nodded, still crying, his hands in fists while the rest of his body trembled in fear.
Brenda didn’t hold back when she smacked his butt. The sound was louder than the wail from Timmy’s throat.
Timmy wanted to escape, but Brenda pinned him down to her lap. Her heart clenched with each smack she gave him, and he whimpered.
Three. Four.
Timmy felt his butt hot and throbbing, a pain he had never experienced before. His throat was getting sore from his cries.
Five. Six.
Timmy cried and begged for forgiveness. His butt was so sore that a slight slap would make him cry.
Seven. Eight. Nine.
“I really didn’t want to do this. But you gave me no other choice.”
“You can stand up now,” said Brenda. And Timmy did so, his legs weak from the crying and the smacks. Brenda stood after him and told him to lie down on his belly at the changing station.
Brenda walked out, leaving him sobbing by himself, and seconds later, she was back with a small bag of ice in a towel. She applied the bagged ice on his dark-red and sore bum. No one spoke. Only the faint sobbing noises were heard.
However, when Brenda started applying aloe vera on his butt and rubbing it, he began whimpering again.
While Brenda massaged his sore buttcheeks, she reinforced why she had to do what she did, explaining why he was smacked again. Once his skin had absorbed the aloe vera, she put on the nappy and dressed him in a clean onesie. Then she cleaned his face, covered in tears and snot with baby wipes, and put him to bed.
“I’m sure you’ll be better behaved from now on,” said Brenda kissing him on his forehead before putting him to sleep for his afternoon nap. Would you behave after your spanking? Call me for some abdl discipline!

Aunt Brenda


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