Silly Timmy Takes Off His Diaper!! (Part 2)
July 26, 2023
Mommy Catches You Being A Dirty Diaper Boy
July 30, 2023



Mommy notices that it has gotten a little too quiet in the other room.  Mommy peeks out from the kitchen and notices the living room is empty.  Now, where did those naughty little diaper boys go?  Mommy makes her way down the hall to the nursery.

Mommy peeks in and sees two very naughty little boys have decided to open up their diapers and play.  And not just any type of play, but piss play.  They are peeing on each other and in each other’s diapers.  Mommy should know better than leave you two unattended even if for only a minute.

Neither of you have noticed mommy standing in the doorway watching you both.  Mommy clears her throat making you both jump, causing pee to spray on the floor.  Bad Boys!  You know you’re not allowed to remove your diapers without mommy’s permission.

And now look at the mess you have made, not to mention the fact that you both are covered in piss.  Mommy shakes her head and walks slowly towards the two of you.  Mommy tells you bad boys get disciplined.  You both look down in shame and stutter an apology.

Too little, too late.  You know the rules and you disobeyed and now you have made a wet mess as well.  First part of your punishment will be to clean up the floor of all the pee.  But first, mommy will close up those soaking wet diapers, leaving them on you, saggy and squishy with urine.

Now go get some towels and dry up all your piss.  Once you have finished, mommy tells you to come stand in front of mommy.  Mommy sits in the chair in the corner of the nursery and asks you both, “what were you thinking?”  Neither one of you looks up at mommy or even tries to answer.

Mommy tells you both to look at mommy, now!  You both stand there shuffling your feet, hands behind your backs, wide eyed and mouths hanging slightly open.  Mommy asks again, “what were you two thinking?”  You look at each other and then back at mommy.

Mommy’s waiting…

One of you clears your throat and croaks out an answer, “we were just playing mommy.”  Being sneaky and peeing on each other and making a mess in the house, that’s what you call playing?  Mommy calls that bad.  And you know what happens to bad little boys who misbehave, don’t you?

Now one at a time, you will lay across mommy’s lap.  Mommy will pull that pissy diaper down and spank that wet little bottom.  It’s going to sting even more with all that pee.  Mommy is going to swat those behinds until they are bright red and your little faces are glistening with tears.

Now time to get you two cleaned up.  Mommy takes you each by the hand and leads you to the bathroom.  Mommy tells you to get into the tub, mommy unfastens your diapers letting them fall off with a splat.  They are so soggy and heavy they fall with no help at all.

To find out what happens next, call Mommy Candy…

Mommy Candy



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