Boys Will Be Boys
July 30, 2023
Mommy Teaches You To Suck Cock
August 6, 2023

Mommy sends you to your room to play until nap time.  Mommy gets a bottle ready for you and then heads to the nursery.  As mommy steps into the room, mommy gets a surprise.  Someone has decided to be a dirty little baby.  Mommy catches you using a dirty diaper to masturbate with.

As soon as you see mommy, you freeze in mid stroke.  Your eyes open wide and your mouth drops open, but that hand and diaper never leave your hard peepee.  Mommy can see your body start to tremble, could be from fear of getting caught being naughty or because you are so close to making stickies.

Mommy slowly walks towards you, her eyes never leaving you.  Mommy stops when she’s just inches from you and your diaper wrapped peepee.  Mommy watches as you close your mouth and  lick your lips, dry from having your mouth open so long.

Then mommy reaches out and touches the dirty diaper that you are holding.  Mommy watches as your body jerks and then mommy smiles as a gasp escapes your parted lips.  Mommy removes your hand that is tightly squeezing that diaper.

Mommy wraps her fist around the diaper you were just holding.  Then mommy starts sliding it back and forth.  Mommy sees your head lull back and hears you groan loudly.  Music to mommy’s ears.  Mommy starts moving her hand faster, picking up speed and making your hips start to move.

That’s it, hump that dirty diaper and mommy’s hand.  Such a naughty boy.  A dirty diaper humper.  Soon your groans turn to moans and your hips start thrusting harder.  Mommy can tell you’re getting closer and closer to cumming.  Mommy stops her hand and you let out a sigh of frustration.

Mommy giggles and teases you about being a dirty diaper humper.  Mommy sees you fidgeting and laughs at your discomfort.  Soon you will be begging mommy to please continue to stroke your peepee and let you cum.  Mommy just stands there, opening and closing her hand.

Tightening and loosening that soiled diaper against your hard throbbing peepee.  Mommy sees the desperation in your eyes as you beseech mommy to masturbate you.  Beg louder, mommy loves to hear you.  “Please mommy, please.”  Mommy can’t get enough.

Mommy takes pity on you and finally shows you mercy.  Mommy jerks you off with your dirty diaper, warm and squishy and feels so good sliding up and down the length of your trembling peepee.  Mommy sees you close your eyes as you start to pant faster.

Mommy squeezes tighter and moves her fist faster.  Then all of a sudden you grunt and start to squirt.  White creamy cum spraying all over.  Now your a sticky dirty little diaper boy.  Your body collapses on to the bed, sweat glistening on your forehead and cum drying on the bed.

Mommy shakes her head and laughs at the mess you made.

Would you like to be mommy’s special little diaper boy?  And make cummies for mommy?  If so, then call Mommy Candy today.

Mommy Candy





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