That Pretty Little Pussy
July 23, 2023
Silly Timmy Takes Off His Diaper!! (Part 2)
July 26, 2023



Some certain little diaper boy has had an attitude all day, and mommy is getting pretty fed up with it.  All Baby Alex has done is fuss and whine and throw tantrums since waking up this morning.  Mommy has checked and changed that diaper numerous times with no change in behavior.

Mommy has fed and tried to play with Alex and still nothing but crankiness.  Mommy is at her wits end and about to go crazy.  Time for some much needed stress relief for both mommy and baby.  Mommy goes into the other room and strips naked. putting on a special pair of panties for just such an occasion.

Mommy comes back into the room, as soon as you notice mommy and what she is wearing, mommy locks eyes with you and tells you, time for an attitude adjustment.  Mommy watches you gulp and begins to walk slowly towards you.  Mommy reaches down and softly strokes the cock between her legs.

Mommy watches as your eyes get bigger and you nervously lick your lips.  Perfect, because that’s the first hole this cock is going to penetrate.  Mommy stops in front of you and rubs the tip of her hard dick against your parted lips.  Open wide and let mommy inside.

Mommy pushes into your mouth and rubs against your tongue, now be a good diaper boy and wrap your lips around mommy’s cock and suck on it.  Get it nice and wet, dripping with your slobber and spit.  Mommy wants to see your chin glistening with wetness as you slobber all over that dick.

Soon mommy is fucking your face, making you choke and gag repeatedly.  Good boy!  Mommy pulls from your mouth and pushes you back, making you lay down.  Mommy pulls your diaper to the side out of the way and spreads your legs wide.  Mommy positions herself between your thighs and rubs her dripping cock between your cheeks.

Mommy tells you to relax, then mommy pushes against your tight little butthole.  Mommy hears you gasp and that’s when mommy thrusts.  Your gasp turns to a groan as mommy pushes the head inside.  As you get used to the violation of your sphincter, mommy plunges the rest of that cock deep inside you.

Mommy is going to give you a good stretching and help you cum as well.  Mommy will fuck you good and hard in all different positions, then mommy will milk those balls of all your creamy stickiness.  When mommy finishes with you, you will definitely be in a better frame of mind.

Nothing like a good fucking to change someone’s raggy mood.  You will be like a whole different adult baby, a new demeanor and no longer a big brat.  Mommy knows just what you need.  And mommy will give it to you, over and over.  And you will beg for more.

Mommy is always prepared to fuck you hard, anytime, anywhere.  Call Mommy Candy to play and let mommy help you relieve some built up stress.

Mommy Candy




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