Sissy Judith is a Silly Cuckold and Karen Won’t Let Her Forget!
July 16, 2023
Silly Timmy Takes His Diaper Off!! (Part 1)
July 20, 2023

Brenda liked her boyfriend, Michael, but she needed more in their relationship. It took a while for her to figure out what it was, but Brenda put her plan on track once she did. First, Brenda put diuretic pills on his soup or juice at dinner time, and once he was waking up several times a night due to it, she began putting sleeping pills, too, so he wouldn’t wake up.
Michael woke up next to Brenda with his bottom half and the sheets soaked in pee for a week straight. With each passing day, she ridiculed and scolded him for it until his self-confidence and pride were so low that he was persuaded into wearing diapers to bed near the end of the second week.
As time passed, Brenda’s mocking and scolding worsened, and the amount of diuretic and laxative pills in Michael’s food was such that he couldn’t control himself even during the day.
A month and a half in, Brenda finally had Michael wearing a diaper all day and utterly dependent on her physically and emotionally.
“This is ridiculous,” said Brenda one afternoon, “You wear diapers like a freaking baby. I have to change your diapers, for God’s sake. I can’t even see you as a man anymore. You can’t even pleasure me.” Brenda continued spewing malicious words at him until she delivered the final blow and said she would get a new boyfriend. Michael couldn’t do a thing for her any longer other than give her a good laugh, after all!
Two days after, Brenda took her new boyfriend home, and he didn’t flinch at Michael’s appearance, just laughed and complimented her job well done. Like a well-trained dog, Michael sat on the floor by the bed, wearing nothing but his diaper, while the new boyfriend fucked Brenda’s brains out.
After several rounds, with her pussy utterly used and filled in the new boyfriend’s cum, Brenda ordered Michael to climb the bed. She spread her legs and ordered Michael to lick the cum out of her. Michael leaned over without hesitation and licked and sucked all the cum from her pussy he could while rubbing his diapers on the mattress.
Brenda and the new boyfriend made out while making fun of his pathetic state, but for Michael, that didn’t matter as he stuck his tongue inside her pussy the deepest, so he could eat the last drops of cum. When she came again, and her pussy was clean, Brenda told him to stop, and he did.
Michael stared at his owner, who continued to enjoy herself with the new boyfriend, ready for another round, and he thrust his hips against the mattress faster until he climaxed in his diaper. From then on, whenever Brenda and her new boyfriend fucked, Michael licked her pussy clean of his cum as soon as he was told while enjoying the ridicule
and cumming in his diaper. Would you like to be in Michael’s humiliating experience? Go ahead and call me for some kinky roleplay fun!

Aunt Brenda


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