Let’s Get Poppin!
July 16, 2023
Brenda Turns Her Boyfriend Into Her Baby!
July 17, 2023

Sitting and waiting was always the hardest, but Judith took pride in her training, always doing everything Karen said. Judith remained kneeling at the end of Karen’s bed, even when she heard the front door open. She listened intently, trying to hear what was being said, but their voices were too muffled; soon enough, she heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

“Judith! I have company!”

Even though Karen called out, Judith knew better than to move from her spot on the floor. The two spoke for a bit longer before the shuffling of two people approached the bedroom, Karen and a man entering the room.

“Judith, this is Willam. William, this is Judith, my little sissy I own.”

William stared down at Judith, giving her a condescending smirk as he examined the cute maid dress that she was wearing.

“Judith, be a dear, stand up for me, and pull your panties down your thighs.”

Judith did what she was told, standing up from her kneeling position and pulling her panties down her thighs, exposing her little clittie to Karen and William.

“Good girl, now William, can you undo your pants as well for me?”

William smirked as he reached down, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out. It was massive, at least nine inches, and girthy, intimidating for anyone to see.

“Judith, this is why you’re a sissy. Look at him compared to your tiny little clittie. You can never be a real man like him, and it’s pathetic seeing the two of you side by side.”

For emphasis, Karen grabbed Willams cock, his thick girth resting in her hand. Judith could only watch and listen, feeling humiliated as her little clittie twitched, growing hard from being exposed and treated like this. Karen had the biggest smile as she saw the ashamed expression on Judith’s face, paired with Judith’s hard clittie poking out, only making it better.

Karen said nothing else as she turned to William, pulling him in for a deep kiss. The two were on each other immediately, pulling clothes off and touching each other’s bodies. William led Karen over to the bed, laying her down on it as he rubbed her clit, her loud moans echoing in the room.

Judith did nothing but stand there and watch, her pink panties showing the growing wet spot that showed just how exciting the humiliation she felt. She couldn’t help herself, cumming just from watching William pushing his thick cock into Karen’s cunt, little pathetic sissy cummies leaking into her panties and wetting them even more.

“You better be watching Judith. This is how a real man treats a woman.”

It wasn’t long before Willam had Karen screaming, stretching her out with his length, filling her up as he pounded into her. Judith’s entire body ached just watching this. Seeing how William fucked Karen had her trembling, cumming over and over into her panties until they were completely soaked with cum.

By the time the two had finished, falling into a heap of sweaty limbs on the bed, Judith could hardly stand. She had cum so many times without even touching it was pathetic, her cheeks bright red from humiliation.

Naughty Karen


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