Bondage Baby Bedtime Pt 1
April 10, 2018
Where do Abies come from?
April 13, 2018

Sisification is fun turning strong men into little sissy girls. Is one of my favorite things to do . I always try to find the prettiest and sexiest pair of panties and bras available. Sometimes I even make my little sissy come with me to pick out the lingerie . Once we pick up the lingerie I take my little sissy to a nice dress shop and pick up the sexiest tightest little number I can find and I make sure to let them know that as soon as we get home we’re going to put all of it on. They normally put up a fight. They even try to convince me that they don’t want me to turn them into little pussies . But I know better and what I want I get. And what I want today is for you to look like my sexy little bitch. Once I get you dressed up pretty I get my big black strap on. And punish your little tight sissy pussy til I’m satisfied. If you want to hear more call

Tawny .


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