Brandon Gets Spanked in Front of Everyone!
September 25, 2023
Jacob Gets Just What A Cuck Deserves!
September 28, 2023

It wasn’t the first sissy pageant contest that Penelope was in, and definitely wouldn’t be the last. Sissy Penelope and her Auntie Brenda were used to all the stress before a competition, and they loved the pampering that always came with it. Penelope enjoyed being the center of attention, strutting along the stage for everyone to see how pretty she looked in all kinds of dresses, revealing swimsuits, and tight leotards. Penelope had so much experience and felt so at ease that she effortlessly swayed her hips and flipped her hair while maintaining eye contact with the judges. What for most girls in that pageant felt like a chore, Penelope loved it, changing her outfit and hairstyle for each category contest. All the other contestants were phenomenal, showing off their unique skills and wearing beautiful dresses, but no matter how hard they tried, no one could reach Penelope’s level. She had a presence and charisma that showed in her performances. After a full day of showing off to the audience, it finally came the time to present the winner and runner-up. It was no surprise that Penelope got nearly full marks for all categories and first place in the overall contest. Penelope jumped happily when she received yet another trophy and hugged Auntie Brenda as soon as she got off the stage. Once they packed everything in the car, Penelope hopped into the seat next to Auntie Brenda and put on her seat belt.
Brenda was so proud of her little Penelope that she gave Penelope a small reward before she drove away from the parking lot. Brenda leaned in on Penelope and kissed her on the cheek while she squeezed her crotch gently. Penelope was surprised by the sudden intimacy but didn’t fight it. Instead, she spread her legs and looked at Auntie Brenda with eyes already glazed in pleasure. Brenda put her hand below Penelope’s skirt and inside her panties and rubbed her clittie. She rubbed it up and down with two fingers, lightly at first but steadily pressing harder. Quickly enough, Penelope’s clitoris was swollen and revealing itself proud, enjoying Brenda’s moist fingers teasing it. Penelope’s breathing became harsher, and Brenda increased her pace while holding on to her legs so she couldn’t close them. Her moans became louder, and she grasped Brenda’s top and nested her face on her neck, feeling the urge to cum. Brenda’s fingers were dripping wet with Penelope’s juices, and the noise they made as she continued to rub and finger her clit made Penelope more conscious of what they were doing out in the open. Without warning, Penelope came on Brenda’s fingers with a low moan, barely able to keep the noise behind her lips. Brenda gave Penelope another kiss on the cheek and congratulated her again. While the dazed sissy regained her breathing, Brenda pushed her cum covered fingers to Penelope’s lips and told her to lick them clean. Penelope didn’t think twice and sucked Brenda’s fingers until her spit was the only thing left on them. Before Brenda got the car running, she fixed Penelope’s panties and skirt and then drove off, both with a happy smile on their faces!

Aunt Brenda


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