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January 2, 2022
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There’s nothing better than a weekend at home enjoying some much-needed family sex time.  Mommy just loves playing with her little ones.  Getting everyone worked up and in the mood for a little naughty fun with each other and mommy, is one of mommy’s favorite things to do.

When you and your sister are bored, mommy has the perfect solution.  And it’s definitely something we all love to do.  Mommy strips you of your diapers and gets you primed and dripping.  Mommy enjoys watching you two just as much as mommy loves to join in.

Mom porn has its benefits, mommy comes up with so many new ideas to try out on you guys.  Boredom is no longer an issue, that’s for sure.  Mommy would rather hear your sighs of ecstasy and your moans of enjoyment than your huffs of indifference.  Mommy likes when her little ones are happy and entertained.

It makes mommy smile and makes mommy wet, to see my naughty babies play.  And we can be as dirty as we want.  Anything and everything goes.  Nothing is off limits.  Mommy makes sure we are completely uninterrupted in our sexual adventures.  This is our weekend to enjoy our bodies and each other.

Mommy will take very good care of you and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly.  When the weekend is over, we all will be exhausted from our non-stop sex.  Our bodies will be sexually satiated beyond belief.  All three of us curled up in a sticky wet mess.

Mommy and sister can never get enough of that hard throbbing cock.  It’s always ready and eager to penetrate our mouth, pussies and assholes.  We take turns riding your cock and face, mommy kissing sister deeply as we play with one another’s bouncing boobies and suck on each other’s hard nipples.  The sounds of our love making filling the air.

Mommy noticed you watching a little mom son porn the other day and knew it was definitely time for some naughty fun again.  Mommy loves that her little ones are very open with their sexuality and are always learning new things.  Then when we do all play together, the things we show and teach one another keeps the fun going for days.

Family fun is always a great time to be had.  Definitely no complaints from anyone.  There’s just something about playing with family members that keeps the body and mind in erotic anticipation.  There’s nothing better than the smell of sex in the air.

To hear the moans and whimpers as they escape your parted lips, to hear the wet slap of skin as we fuck each other hard and fast, to hear the grunts as we cum over and over.  Mommy can close her eyes and still hear and smell the passion from our fun weekend.

Would you like to act out your fantasies with mommy?  Would you enjoy being mommy’s naughty little one and joining in all the fun?  Do you have some yummy ideas of your own to try with mommy?  Mommy would love to help you achieve your goals.

Mommy Candy


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