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October 3, 2021
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October 8, 2021

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As a step mommy, I love to play with my step daughter in more ways than one.  We started playing a few years ago when I married her dad and it evolved into something really beautiful. Believe it or not my step daughter used to be a daddy daughter little girl and then with abdl counseling she decided that she was an an adult baby diaper lover who had an extreme diaper fetish.

She would dream about diapers in the morning, noon and night. Her room was decorated with a diaper themed wall paper and a diaper themed rug and every single drawer in her room had diapers in it.  In the closet there were adult baby clothes and bibs and pacifiers were all around. She really loved having a diaper mindset all day long.

I wanted her to be free with me and comfortable and that is why I made her get on top of the changing table in her room so I could change her diaper.  She got on the changing table with such zest and I leaped over to her to wipe her genitals and she had her vagina ready because she removed her diaper and had her lovely pussy right in her face and I had to lick it.

Her pussy tasted so sweet that I had to continue the beautiful process of eating it til it was dripping her sweet juices more into my mouth.  I had her wrap her legs around my neck and this made her pussy get pushed further into my face.  The way that she was humping her hips in my face made my face look like a bunch of slime was slobbered all over it. There is nothing like warm slime all over someone’s face from a warm slobber from their stepdaughter’s pussy and I had the best of the best of pussies.

I made her cum and I started to rub my hands in her pussy and it as a natural lotion for her cunt. She told me to keep rubbing her pussy and I did.  She screamed my name over and over again and she even started crying because the feeling that I was giving her was just that good.  After her multiple orgasms drained her fully, I wiped her off with the baby wipes, lotioned up her cunt and diapered her in.

She has a smile that continues to beam on her face to this very day and her dad knows absolutely nothing about it. And when he goes away from his bed and hustles off to work, that is when it is our time to play.

Let it be your time to play with me, I will be your step mommy and you will be my little one and we will have such a great time.  I will bathe you, baby you and make you feel right at home. Give me a call and let us have a fucking fantastic time.  I look forward to it and you will too.



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