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Teen Phone Sex
November 15, 2016
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Age Regression Phone Sex
November 21, 2016

phonesexLooks like all of your dresses are getting too small for you now doesn’t it sweet Adult Baby girl! I think it’s about time for mommy to take you shopping again for a whole new closet full of pretty pink dresses and little rompers! What do you think my little baby girl? Look at the huge smile on your face, you know when your Abdl mommy sees that beautiful smile it just make my heart fill so full! Now come on sleepy head lets get you a new diaper and an outfit on you and some nice smelling perfume! So come on rise and shine my wittle girl mommy wants to take you out today and have a mommy and me day! Good girl now lets lay you down and change your diaper its nice and full.  So lets UN-tape the diaper and fold it down then take a nice wipe and wipe your little bottom and clitty and now we take that diaper and throw it away now we slide another diaper under your bottom and then
add some sweet diaper cream and powder then close up that cute diaper!
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