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Scarlet Red Lipstick Stains On Mommy’s Pretty Pink Pussy
July 6, 2020
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Turned Into An Abdl!
July 13, 2020
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Mommy Tawny had given Billy very clear instructions on how she wanted to him walk around in public with one of his abdl diapers on, but he was so nervous about it! He drove around trying to find the busiest store like she told him and he was absolutely going to go in there… he couldn’t do a thing about the very noticeable blush that he could feel erupting across his cheeks and down his neck, as much as he wished he could. He walked through there, his head on a swivel as he tried to figure out if anyone in there noticed what he was wearing under his pants. He could hear the diaper crinkling, and it sounded so loud to him he didn’t know how no one else heard it! Wouldn’t you be just as embarrassed? Call for some age play phone sex to tell me everything!



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