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Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?
August 19, 2019
Gay Fetish XXX Male Diaper Bondage Sex
Diaper Bondage With Mommy Jackie
August 23, 2019
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George settled on top of the soft sheet that abdl Mommy Tawny had laid across the bed and stretched out, giggling around his paci when she tickled his belly while she reached across him for a corner of the sheet. She dragged it across him, tucking it underneath and making sure it didn’t tug on his abdl onesie too much.  She repeated that with other side, reaching down and flipping it over him, tilting him up enough to slide that portion of it right beneath him. Next she folded the sheet around his feet, making him giggle again when she lightly pulled on his toes, telling him that she might just nibble on his toesies! Her ran her hands across his body, making sure that he was swaddled nice and snug, giving everything a double-check to make sure he was comfy. With a small pillow placed under his head and his Mommy humming in the background, it wasn’t long before he was relaxed and nodding off for his nap.  Call me for your own abdl phone sex to tell me how much you would love to be swaddled like little George here!  



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