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Age Regression Phonesex
April 18, 2018
All Boys wearing the Sissy Maid Uniform
Mommy’s Sissy Surprise Pt 1
April 20, 2018

Let me tell you all about the  adult baby I had to take care of last night.First, he wouldn’t keep his bib on and eat his baby food. I had to strap him into his high chair and force feed it to him. Holding his nose until he opened his mouth was gross because he started having a runny nose and it was all running down in his mouth with his food.Then he wouldn’t drink his bottle. Once again I had to hold the nose, and when he finally opened his mouth I popped the big baby bottle in and squeezed it. Then it was suck and swallow, or choke!He wiggled all the way through undressing him and giving him his bath. I mean really, the way he shook just because I ran my fingers along his little  adult diaper area! And I didn’t push my fingers into his tight little bum THAT hard. Well, just for all the wiggling, I gave him a real reason to wiggle with the bath brush!! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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