Much Needed Diaper Release
July 24, 2022
ABDL girl playing with her pussy
Amanda Wants Her Asshole And Pussy Licked
July 24, 2022

ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaperAmanda’s Maid Orgasms In Her Lap: When it “comes” to abdl bdsm, milf phone sex, or mature phone sex, I tend to be a chameleon of sorts, where I can do whatever feels right, depending on my mood at the moment. Whatever boy or girl I choose to play with just happens to also be according to my mood.

I had a maid who decided to work for me after I hired her based on her resume that I saw online. As soon as I met with her in person, she had such difficulty holding a conversation with me that it was apparent that she had totally falsified her resume. That was when I confronted her with it, and she started to cry and beg me on her knees for the job.

I told her that the maid job was no longer a factor, but I was looking for a submissive with a pussy, and to qualify, she needed to lift up her dress and show me her cunt. I had to literally point at her pussycat for her to understand what I was talking about. It did not take her long to figure it out, and before I knew it, there was a wet pussy that was staring right back at me.

I immediately made her commit to living with me, and as the days went by, I decided that I would give her a sexual task to do for me, and she would have to do it as one of the conditions of her living with me.

Today, I felt as though I wanted to nurture and feed her, so I had her take all of her clothes off and sit in my lap so that I could make her such on my tummy. I was wearing a diaper at the time because I felt like it, and she was a little surprised to see that.

As I got her focus back on my tits, it was as if she knew exactly what she was supposed to do, so she cupped them in both of her hands, massaged the rhsm gently, and then she started to kiss around my areolas for a few minutes.

It did not take her long to pop my tits into her mouth, and when she did, she suckled on them as if I had produced creamy, delicious white milk.

She glided her tongue around the entire circumference of my mammary orbs, and she would take turns kissing my nipples and then gently nibbling on them with her teeth. She made sure not to bite them too hard as I was ready to give her a stern spanking that she would never forget, so she behaved herself accordingly.

As she sucked my toes, I played with hers, and she would moan ever so softly as she was enjoying it immensely. It did not take her long to let out an explosive scream, and then she orgasmed directly in my lap as I held her close to my tits. Click Here



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