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Aunt Brenda Makes Jake Take It

Sissy Boy With Diaper


It is not the first time that Jake had to bend over and take a strap on by me as both punishment and pleasure.  He actually prefers this type of treatment for when he is naughty and when he is nice.  He knows to assume the position every time that he confesses to me that has been naughty and he usually does it with a smile as he usually knows what is coming next.

Yes, I am a great and wonderful Aunt to him and he knows that I am one that does not judge him because of his adult diaper fetish.  As a matter of fact, I make sure to have him keep his pantry closet stocked with all of the popular diaper brands for when it is time to make sure that he is diapered up.  When we abdl roleplay it is always something that makes him feel complete, content, happy and fulfilled.  He was denied all of the nurturing that he should have received as a child and now he craves it from me.

He knows that punishment is part of what needs to happen because it builds character and it also reminds the adult baby diaper lover of his place.  And one thing that I thoroughly enjoy is to make Jake remain in his place and his place is wherever I tell him that it is. When it is time for him to tale it, that simply means to take it in the ass, he has to get all dressed up in lipstick, a pretty, frilly and fluffy baby doll dress, with a pink panty with his bald head  – if you were looking at him from afar you may probably mistake him for a ddlg engaging in ddlg roleplay.

I like for my Jake to look like Jane, especially when he has to submit to me. He looks like a girl, sounds like a girl and even moves in such a way that he has such a feminine sway! As I plummet him over and over he throws his head back and flings his neck from side to side all while being able to balance himself enough as to not get disconnected from my strap-on.  Jake loves to take it and I love to give it to him. This is what is needed for him to remain level headed and know the role that he has to play, And when the day turns to night, he would have to transform from sissy diaper boy to sissy maid and he will have to massage me to my complete delight.  If his fingers become sore then he will just have to deal with it and massage me even more – from my neck to my back to my buttocks, thighs, legs and feet galore.

If you want to know what it feels like to be my little sissy diaper whore or to be treated like the little abdl boy that I can adore, you will pick up the phone and call me now – don’t you dare delay.

Aunt Brenda


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