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October 23, 2021
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October 30, 2021



My stepson has always been the sexiest fuck that I have ever had. Beautiful face and body and a charming personality to top it all off.  Today, I decided to step into the shower with him and, boy oh boy was he beyond excited! I knew he felt me when I got into the shower.  He specifically felt my soft and pretty tits against is back.  I looked down at his dick, even though his back was facing me and I saw hoe hard and stiff he was. I simply could not resist, I simply had to grab it.  So I took my hand and grabbed his hard penis and I proceeded to lowly jerk it up and down for him. The way the shower drops fell on his beautiful body, especially his penis, really turned me on.

I thought about doing some abdl bdsm in the shower so grabbed one of my panties that were on a small counter in the bathroom and I took both of his hands and made a makeshift set of customized handcuffs.  He laughed as I did my own version of domination when I manhandled him in the shower and took control and tied him up with my panty.  He pretended to be weak and defenseless in order for me to be able to take full control; and that is when I told him to squat down in the shower and open his mouth and that is when a nice, sweet , young cunt was available to fill his mouth.  He begged me for more of my pussy because he knows that his step mommy has the best pussy there is and I gave it to him. I loved giving my stepson my pussy as in a way it is like a pacifier as it calms him and makes him feel so good.

And when we are not together we have the best milf phone sex that ever existed. He may be at an event with his friends and we still connect on a level unlike an other.  I am older than him but I am still young so don’t expect us to exactly have mature phone sex but it is sex with a sexy milf of a stepmom. And what we do is super secret and no one needs to know about it.  Not his dad, his other relatives or his friends. He is my little plaything and I enjoy him so much and what we do is so very special.  I will spread his ass and stick my tongue in there and he would holler like a girl and the more that I do that to him the more that he would scream until he would cum just by me sticking my tongue in his ass and pressing my tongue down on his prostate.

Call me now if you want to pay with me and have so much fun as you never imagined.  It is definitely going to be worth your while.  The number to call is 888-430-2010.



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