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It’s a good thing so many holidays are right around the corner.  Mommy is going to have so much fun with you.  From showing you off, to trussing you up like a turkey, to “gift” wrapping you for some special fun.  A little abdl bdsm is exactly what we need for a little fall pick me up.  That goes for all my little ones… pretty little diaper girls, cute diaper boys, and of course my silly little sissies.

Mommy Candy enjoys stripping you down and deciding what you will wear before I bring out the collars, chains, ball gags, chastity cages and locks.  The best part of a gift is the fun of opening it.  And mommy is going to open you up for sure.  In every way possible.

Mommy might even be nice and let you pick out what size plug mommy should use to help “open” you up.  Maybe.  Depends how well you have been this year, how good or bad you have been for mommy.  And mommy knows you secretly love to be stretched.  So none of them will be small.

Your hands will be bound and your mouth will be filled, the only sounds that will escape your lips are guttural moans and whimpers as mommy prepares you.  And mommy is very thorough.  Very very thorough indeed.  The sounds of your groans and the squirm of your body make mommy very excited as well.

You will be sitting so pretty, dressed up and tied up, for mommy to use as she pleases.  You will be the entertainment for mommy’s holiday parties.  Mommy and her guests will get to experience everything you have to offer and anything else we want.  You will be used over and over.

And being baby is gagged, there will be no arguments from you on how you’re going to be treated.  You will have no choice in the matter, at all!  Remember what mommy says, goes.  No amount of whimpering or begging on your knees is going to change mommy’s mind.  Although mommy does love to see you beg.

Mommy is always available to take very good care of baby.  Even though sometimes you don’t know what you need, mommy always does.  And mommy will make sure you get exactly what you deserve.  A little milf phone sex with Mommy Candy will have you purring like a kitten.

Mommy will have you soaked and all ready for the next play time by the time mommy finishes with you.  You will curl up and fall into a much needed sleep and dream about all the things mommy will do to you the next time you call.  There’s nothing like some mature phone sex with a very knowledgeable mommy to make your holidays even better.

So get ready for the greatest session ever and call mommy now for a little holiday de-stressing.  Mommy will dress you up, sex you up and then relieve all the pent up stress and sexual frustration inside you.

Mommy Candy


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