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You Are Now Mommy’s Baby
March 5, 2021
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March 9, 2021

abdl baby

Jimmy slowly started waking up, realizing that something felt off, and wiggled around to try to find that sweet spot so that he could go back to sleep. He tried not to think about it too hard, but it felt like he really didn’t want to remember what was wrong…

“Oh, wakey wakey! Did you have a good nap, dear? I checked in on you a few times, but you were knocked out and drooling every time. ‘Slept like a baby’ isn’t just a saying for you anymore, now is it? Who knew that age regression was so good!”

His eyes snapped open to see his Aunt Brenda’s smiling face over him, her arms resting on top if the railing for his…crib? That is when everything came back to him, the fudge brownies that she fed him with the odd aftertaste, his confusion as everything around him started to look bigger and bigger, his clothes getting baggier and having to grab at his pants to keep them up, and Aunt Brenda chuckling as she watched. She gave him something, something that… that turned him into a baby! He opened his mouth to tell her off, to cuss her out until she changed him back, but the only sound that came out was a plaintive cry. She just cooed at him, lifting him up out of the crib, one hand patting his diaper. “Seems like your diaper is a bit soggy there. Did someone wet their diapee? Did the baby make a tinkle?” Aunt Brenda laughs at him, telling him that she knew that he would quickly take to being a baby again, and wouldn’t his Mom be surprised! Now she had a second chance to raise Jimmy again to be a good boy, and not the malcontent, whiny thing he was before. “Come on, let me get you out of this soaked diaper. A little abdl age regression and you’re wetting yourself like you were never a big boy!”

She laid him out on a changing table, the strap going across his waist snugly to keep him from rolling off. He whined and fussed the whole time, while she grabbed his ankles to lift his bottom up into the air, while she wiped him clean with the baby wipes… especially when she tapped his penis with her finger and wondered if that tiny thing had shrunk along with everything or stayed the same size! Aunt Brenda slid a new diaper underneath him, covered him with baby powder, and taped him up, giving the front of his diaper a little pat. “And there we go, clean new diaper! I think you will learn to love this after while, it’s not like it’s going to be all that bad. No responsibilities, no bills, not a thing to worry about except for when we are going to feed you and change your diaper. Wonderful!” Jimmy thought he ought to be even more upset, but he had to admit that did sound nice… sound good to you? Call me for some forced age regression phone sex so you can tell me how much you want to be a little baby again!

Aunt Brenda


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