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Brenda’s AB/DL Needs A Clean Diaper
June 19, 2022
Sexy Fun with My Littles
June 26, 2022

female licking the asshole of another female

Aunt Brenda’s Sex Talk Is Hot Sex Talk: I don’t speak for others when it comes to how I engage in sex talk with all of my little sweet callers; it is not necessary for me to brag. I know how good I am and how in touch I am with my clients, and it makes no difference at all what their gender is. I can play with adult baby diaper lover girls and adult baby diaper-lover boys, and they will all feel special when they play with me.

Are you an abdl boy or an abdl girl, and if you like to play with friends, are those boys in diapers or are they girls in diapers? It really does not matter to me, as I treat everyone the same.

One thing that I don’t ever want is for anyone to take my niceness for a weakness. I can be the most loving of abdl mommies, and when it is time to be strict, I will make sure to show my abdls the dominant side of me that they need to see.

I am not a meanie; I prefer the term “tough love dominant,” and the lessons that I teach my adult baby diaper lovers are lessons that will last a lifetime. If you decide to not follow my instructions at any time or decide to start playing with your genitals, well, that means that you have prepared to accept any kind of discipline that may come your way.

And don’t think that you know what, where, or how I am going to spank you; you just might be surprised at how I chose to discipline you. I do get turned on when I lash your buttocks as I wait for the stinging noise as well as the gasps that you make, and the way that you are trapped over my knees with no escape makes it even more intriguing for both of us.

Always now that just as I chose you to be in this role for your betterment sexually, you also, by your subservience, have afforded me the position of dominance in your life. You need the leadership, you need the guidance, and you need to get on your knees after a spanking and open up your apical mouth, close your eyes, and patiently wait and anticipate it as I put my sweet and succulent vagina in your mouth.

When my vagina is in your mouth, you will be expected to suck my pussy juices until they go dry, but you may not realize that sucking them over and over again will keep me lubricated and ready for everything. My asshole is expected to also be licked, and that is going to be with a stiff, wet, and pink tongue, and you will be expected to indulge in my twat long enough for all of my sweet juices to be captured.

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