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Listen To The Sound Of Mommy’s Voice
January 29, 2021
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Mommy’s Cunt Is The Only Cunt That You Will Ever Want
January 31, 2021

abdl mommyWhile running my usual errands I walked into a new neighborhood bookstore and stopped in the section with books in the genre of abdl hypnosis as  I wanted to see what updates that pertained to that field as it is important to always see what new thoughts, ideas and philosophies exist in order to further perfect my craft.

It is true when people say that ‘learning never ends’ as we learn something every single day.  I was skimming though my book when I was approached by a young man who looked like he was in his early 20’s.

He told me that he worked at the bookstore and he thought that the book I was reading looked very interesting and if it would be possible for me explain to him about the subject a bit. I told him that I am an abdl mommy and a times I have utilized many methods to help others with my voice to overcome certain fears.  One of the fears that I enjoy helping people overcome the most is the fear of allowing themselves to experience bliss in world of abdl roleplay.

He was very new to this scene, which means he never really indulged in anything like this but he was curious.  I told him we could talk more about this and have an abdl chat but we would need to be in a place with less noise and it would need to be private. He told me that we could use his manager’s office as he was away for a 2-week vacation from the bookstore.

So I decided to follow him as he showed me the way to his manager’s office and I walked in behind him and I closed the door.  I said to him that could see it in his eyes that he has questions about the abdl lifestyle so we would either have a quick abdl chat or we could engage in abdl roleplay.

I looked into his eyes and hypnotized him with my sultry and soothing voice and told him that is it is better to show him than to explain anything to him and with that I took full control of his being and I lifted up my skirt and squatted over his face and I let him know that I am his mommy now and I took him back in time to a baby mind.

I was not wearing a panty and I was ready to show off my pretty cunt to him. His eyes lit up and he said that he would do anything and I told him to get on his knees. I told him that if I was going to roleplay his abdl mommy that I will have to feed him the delicious and nourishing juices that flows from my cunt; so he had choice but to do so his civil duty and drink my pussy juices all the way up. I kept talking him through the process of pleasuring me and giving him one instruction after the other.

It is not a good thing to waste, especially when I am feeding him the best stuff on earth.  He lapped at my vagina so hungrily as instructed him too and he sucked on both my clit and my vaginal lips.  He then stuck his tongue inside my cunt and stabbed my hole like a dagger.



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