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Mommy has a surprise for her little man.  After days of discussing all your likes and kinks during our ABDL chat, mommy knows just what her baby needs.

Being an abdl mommy means mommy has to pay close attention to her little ones needs and desires.  And mommy listens to her babies.

Now it is time for you to listen to mommy:  Sit down, close your eyes, relax and breathe.  Mommy wants you to lean your head back and exhale a big breath, as you let the air flow past your lips, mommy wants you to visualize the one thing that makes you the happiest.

Once mommy sees that smile forming on your upturned face, she knows you are picturing being a baby in mommy’s arms.  Mommy softens her voice, almost cooing to you…repeating the words: relax and breathe.

As mommy watches your body start to slump, mommy knows you are entering that stage where your body is totally relaxed but your mind is still alert.

Through abdl hypnosis, mommy will make all your wishes and dreams come true.  As mommy counts back from 10 to 1, you will shed all those big boy years and feelings, the closer mommy gets to the number 1, the younger and smaller you feel.

When mommy brings you back to your inner child, mommy softly speaks to you, making you become more and more babylike.  When mommy gets to 1, she will snap her fingers and you will slowly awake, feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  You will feel carefree and childlike.

A bounce to your step, a giggle to your voice.  It will not be until mommy whispers the words “baby time” that you will transform completely into an infant.  At the sound of that special phrase, you will no longer be a big boy.  You will now be mommy’s adorable little diaper wearing baby.

And you will stay that way until mommy tells you a certain word.  Until you hear that word, you will be a complete baby that needs mommy to take care of everything for you.  You will cry when you are hungry or need your diaper changed.  You will crawl and waddle around, you will gurgle baby talk as you play.  You will fill your diaper for mommy to change.

You become mommy’s baby at the whisper of “baby time” and you snap out of it when mommy says “who’s a big boy?”  Hehe mommy has a feeling that’s not a phrase you will be hearing often.

10…9…8 relax, breathe…7…6…5 listen to mommy’s voice…4…3…2 mommy will take good care of you…1 and with the snap of my fingers you stir awake, yawning and smiling at me.  Your eyes clear and brighten, you look so refreshed and so vibrant.

Mommy smiles down at you and whispers…baby time…and just like that you become a cute little helpless baby for mommy to love and take care of.  Awww mommy’s sweet little baby boy.

If you would like to be turned into a diaper wearing little baby, give mommy a call and let her make all your dreams come true.

Mommy Candy


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