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Brenda’s ABDL Wants Milf Sex
March 27, 2022
You Are Now Mine
April 2, 2022

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Brenda’s Erotic and Creative Diaper Lover Leanna: My diaper lover was so creative. She was always thinking about something out of the ordinary, and it would occupy her mind morning, noon, and night. It would just be out of the blue when she would decide to write something for her abdl blog that she managed, as it allowed her to express herself in this highly creative manner. One week she would be writing abdl stories about subjects that ranged from a giantess diaper to an abdl being spanked on her tush. Leanna just loved to be so expressive, which usually gets her all horny, hot, and bothered. She knows that these types of stories would turn her on, and she would continue to write them anyway.

This is usually when I would sit on my couch and pull my pants to the side and have her take her mouth and move it straight to where my sweet and delicious corn is. She would do such an amazing job with the way that she would twist and turn her wet little pink tongue and her soft lips as she made contact with my labia majoras. She was meant to eat pussy—that is what she was designed by creation to do, as she does it so well.

As she eats, I eat, and the cream enters her throat, travels through her esophagus, and down her throat.She gulps me down as if I were a cold drink on a hot summer’s night. My sweet child’s essence surely satisfies her every need. My clitoral region is nibbled by her, and she sucks on it as if it were a nipple that she was attempting to extract milk from, and her face lights up as she is so grateful to be able to taste me in her mouth. All of this that she does is part of the worship that she has to do for me, as I am not only her dominant, I am also her goddess.

When she needs to be rewarded for doing such a great job, that is when I would surprise her with a pretty diaper and an adorable onesie to wear, and she would be so happy. She knows that whatever I select for her to get dressed in is done with love. I know what is best for her, and it is a fact that she goes along with it and does not debate.

And when I need my feet massaged, I simply place my bare feet on her thighs, and she will not hesitate to immediately start massaging them rather moderately and thoroughly while taking the time to proceed to sucking on them while she starts to cream between her legs as she has me in her mouth.

Leanna is a wonderful submissive who knows what I like and knows how to listen. She is not the first and she won’t be the last. I always have enough room to play with others, and that is where you come in. So, give me a call now and let’s play. Click Here



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