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May 1, 2022
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May 8, 2022


Fun With Mommy Candy: Abdl Mommy Candy just loves having fun with all her little ones. There’s nothing mommy enjoys more than naughty fun with her babies. Mommy just loves to strip you of all your clothes and then diaper and dress you as she pleases. And that’s only part of our fun.

There’s so much available for us to do. All you have to do is relax and let mommy take control. Mommy will handle everything. Mommy will make you her special little play toy. And mommy will have her way with you, over and over. Making you wet and sticky.

You can always come visit mommy in the phoneammommy chat room for a little abdl chat. Once you set up a private session with mommy, we can talk about anything and everything. And you can share photos and videos as well. And if you’re a good baby, mommy will share some with you also.

Mommy likes it all, and mommy will make sure you enjoy every minute of our play time. Come crawl into mommy’s lap and let mommy hold you and rock you. Mommy’s hands wandering over your cute little body Mommy just loves to see the look on your face when she slides her hand inside your diaper.

The little gasp that escapes from your parted lips is like music to mommy’s ears. It makes mommy smile to feel you shiver in her lap. As soon as mommy’s fingers brush over your sensitive peepee, your body jerks against mommy. Mommy giggles as she tightens her hand around you.

Soon you are humping against mommy and her hand. Your breath comes in gasps as you rub harder and faster. That’s a good baby, cum for mommy! Mommy just loves it when you squirt sticky cummies for her. When you lose all control and make a creamy mess all for mommy.

Mommy lets you rest in her lap for a little while. After a quick nap, Mommy slides your wet diaper off. Now it’s time for some more fun. Mommy has all sorts of exciting toys for us to use. Big ones, small ones, and fat ones. Close your eyes and reach into mommy’s toy box. The first one you grab out will be the one that mommy slides inside your pretty little mouth.

If you are hesitant at first, mommy can help with some abdl hypnosis to calm and soothe you. Just relax in mommy’s arms and listen to the sound of her voice. Close your eyes and steady your breathing. Very good.  Mommy won’t hurt you very much anyway.

It will only hurt for a second, then it will feel so good. You will be squirming and begging for more. After the first time, you will be mommy’s forever to use as she pleases. Mommy told you you would have so much fun. Fun with Mommy Candy is the best.

If you would like to have fun with mommy, call anytime, night or day, to play! Mommy is always ready. Click Here

Mommy Candy


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