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November 20, 2021
Mommy's Sexy Girl Sitting with Diaper Look
ABDL Diaper Girl Stacey
November 20, 2021



I’m Baby Stacey and I am an ABDL, an adult baby diaper lover.  I just love to wear and use diapers.  And I definitely love to play in my diapers.  There’s nothing better than a soft thick diaper wrapped around me like a warm hug from mommy.  I love when mommy checks my diaper, squeezing it against my most intimate areas.

And when I use my diaper, it feels so good.  The warm pee spreading through my diaper makes me very excited.  I can’t help myself when I feel that squishy diaper rubbing against my little pussy, I get so wet that I start grinding in my soggy diaper. Diapers are perfect for all my messes, pee, poopy, and creamy cummies.

I enjoy playing in my diapers so much, would you like to play with me?  We could have so much fun.  I can change you and you can change me after we make our big messes.  I just can’t stop my pussy from getting so wet.  Good thing diapers are so good at soaking up my juices.

Doesn’t help that I can’t keep my hands off my diaper or my sweet little pussy.  If you would like to help me give me a call.

Abdl Stacey


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