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March 22, 2021
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March 28, 2021




With spring in the air and Easter next weekend, mommy is feeling a bit nostalgic for the days when you were just a little cutie.  When mommy could dress you up in adorable outfits and parade you around for all to see.

Mommy has decided to become an abdl mommy and she has her eyes set on you being her sweet little one.  Mommy will make you her adult baby and get to do anything she wants to you.

Through ABDL Stacey, mommy will turn you into her baby.  Mommy brings you into her room and asks you to sit on the edge of the bed.  Once you sit, mommy tilts your head until you are looking up at mommy.  Now look into mommy’s eyes…

Keep looking deep into mommy’s eyes, as mommy counts backwards from 10 you will relax more and more.  Listen to the sound of mommy’s voice as you slowly slump into sleep.  When you wake up, you will be mommy’s diaper baby, you will do anything and everything mommy says.  At the snap of my fingers you will awaken *SNAP*!

You slowly stretch, yawning as you look up and see mommy.  Your little face breaks into the biggest smile and your eyes shine with love for your mommy.  You reach your arms out for mommy to pick you up, but first mommy needs to get you properly dressed.  Mommy lays you back and pulls your clothes off…you won’t need these anymore.

Mommy reaches under the bed and pulls out a diaper bag.  Inside mommy has everything an adult baby needs right at the tips of her fingers.  Diapers, baby wipes, powder, ointment (just in case of diaper rash), and a few adorable outfits.  Mommy takes a diaper out and lifts your little legs into the air.

You giggle and wiggle your legs as mommy slides the thick soft diaper under your cute bottom.  Then mommy sprinkles baby powder all over you, rubbing it between your cheeks and up all over the front of you.  Covering every inch, so that diaper feels so good sliding over smoothly over you.

After mommy closes up your diaper, securing the tabs and making sure it’s nice and snug, mommy presses a kiss to your belly.  Awww mommy’s sweet little baby!  Your little coos and gurgles makes mommy’s heart melt.  With one more kiss to your little belly, mommy pulls out a colorful outfit for you to wear.

Your eyes light up as you see what mommy has for you.  Mommy lifts you up slightly to slide the onesie over you head and arms.  As mommy pulls it down over your body and diaper, mommy slides her hands over you, making sure it’s all perfect, before snapping the crotch.

How cute…baby’s onsie says “Mommy’s Love Bug”!  And that’s exactly what your are!!  Mommy is so excited to play with her sweet baby and to show you off to everyone.  Makes mommy’s day to have a sweet baby again.

Come join mommy in abdl chat to become mommy’s baby and find out what else gets mommy excited.

ABDL Mommy Candy


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