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February 7, 2021
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February 11, 2021

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It was Brenda’s abdl son Matt’s birthday and she invited all of his closest friends over along with various relatives.  He had behaved himself all year so this was his reward.  While he was watching TV in his room, he had his pacifier in his mouth in his abdl crib in his abdl nursery. He wore his abdl diaper and he was surrounded by his favorite stuffed animals. He was unaware what Brenda had in store for him downstairs and she was secretly ensuring, behind his back that all went well.

Those who came over to help Brenda with the surprise hours ago, made sure that not a peep of noise was made in order for him not to come downstairs in the living room prematurely.  After all were gathered, it was time for Brenda to enter his room. As she entered his room, he told her it was his birthday and she pretended to forget which made him temporarily sad, but then she smiled and admitted to him that she remembered.

She told him that she has a small gift waiting for him downstairs and that she would show it to him after she changed him, but out of excitement he quickly dashed out of his abdl crib and raced downstairs to the living room.  He dashed through the hall passing the beautiful birthday decorations that were adorned on the walls and as he reached the bottom of the staircase of the living room he was greeted with a very loud, “SURPRISE!” He could not believe it, everyone was there in his living room for his birthday.

He experienced diaper humiliation as Brenda did not tell him that he had company and everyone saw that he was wearing diapers. He did not know what to do at that point.  He thought to himself if he should run away and hide, but it was too late.  Not only did everyone see that he had diapers on but some were recording video of his entrance as well.

His diaper fetish was supposed to be a secret and no one else was supposed to know about it but now, they all know.  He started to cry because ‘the cat was out of the bag’ and things would never be the same.  It was at that moment that one of the birthday guest said, “cool diapers Matt’ and others chimed in and said that they were the perfect thing to wear to bed at night as it made him save having to make unnecessary trips to the bathroom.  Matt could not believe it, he was being accepted for who he was and no one was making fun of him.  He smiled and felt so accepted that his diaper fetish was not being looked upon like something abnormal or wrong, his secret that he guarded for a long time he realized that it did not have to be a secret after all.

It was at that point that someone put on the dance music and Matt was free as a bird, dancing at his own party in his diapers for all to see.  His ageplay fetish was safe with him and he also realized it was safe with those who were at the party.  He went to Brenda and gave her a big hug and thanked her; not just for the party, but also inviting and surrounding him with those who really care about him and accepted him for being himself.


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