Spa Day
May 21, 2009
Girl in diapers
June 17, 2009
Spa Day
May 21, 2009
Girl in diapers
June 17, 2009

Kevin, my 17 year old son knows how sad Mommy has been because I was never able to have a baby girl. So this particular day I had a plan for him and how he could make me feel better. I had went shopping all day, and it must have been meant to be because I was able to find everything I needed for my new little girl all in his size! I was so excited and could not wait till he got home from School. “Three o’clock he will be walking through the door any moment now,” I thought to myself.” Ah, there he is!”

Walking into the house “HI MOM!” he shouted.
“Hi sweetheart! How are you I am so glad you’re finally home!” I replied.
“How was your day Mom?” He asked me.
“Well, you know how sad mommy has been with not being able to have a baby girl”, I said to him, he put his head down and the smile slowly left this face.
“Yes, Mom, I know.” He mumbled beneath his breath.
“Well, I have a great surprise!” I said with great enthusiasm.
“You do, what is it?’” The smile came back to his face and his eyes were all bright with anticipation.
*I grabbed him by his hand and led him into my bedroom.*
On my bed were all kinds of girly things laid out. Diapers, wipes, lotion, bottles, pacifiers, a purple dress with matching socks and ruffled panties, white little shoes, a purple bow and some bracelets, and a hula hoop and a baton.
* He looked down at all the things laid out on my bed with surprise. *
“Are you going to have a baby girl, Mom?” he asked with much curiosity.
“I said yes, YOU!” I exclaimed!
“What?” he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head no.
“Yes, Honey, you know how depressed Mommy is and you don’t want mommy to be sad anymore do you sweetie? “
“No, mom, bu..bu…bu…buttttt.” He stuttered.
“Yep, you know how much Mommy does for you all the time that new Wii game, the new iPod, and I phone Mommy bought for you. Now it is your turn to do something for mommy, and you will now be my little baby Karen!”

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